Hasla Grinding, Day 1

Today, Persephonia has earned over 50 Hasla tokens! A member from another guild helped her get around forty during this afternoon. She wants the Hasla bow and sword… But is getting a bunch of great axe tokens. Darn!

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Cheese, Bricks, and Exploration

Today, Percy did some exploring of Perinoor Ruins, created some mana and health potions, and went on a trade run with her aged cheese packs! She also saw a person of the Nuia continent, and yet they did not fight. Perinoor Ruins told Percy that she should probably get better gear soon, but she got a Sunlight Archeum shard from one of the monster drops! Now she can make the next level katana she’s been wanting for a while.

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Creating a Farm Cart

Hello everyone!

This is my first post, but that won’t stop me from creating a how-to guide for a Farm Cart in Archeage!

Farm Carts can carry two trade packs at once. You can also carry one on your back to me more efficient in your trade runs, or even just to stow your resource packs to create your house without having to go back and forth to the crafting workbench many times.

Farm Carts are expensive to build, since the Thunderstruck Log can easily cost well over 100 Gold (on my server, at least). So, make sure you have at least 150 gold before you begin crafting your cart! And also, have at least 1.5k labor points available to be spent on the cart. If you want to make it cheap, you have to gather and process all of your materials! Tell me how to build a Farm Cart!