Creating a Farm Cart

Hello everyone!

This is my first post, but that won’t stop me from creating a how-to guide for a Farm Cart in Archeage!

Farm Carts can carry two trade packs at once. You can also carry one on your back to me more efficient in your trade runs, or even just to stow your resource packs to create your house without having to go back and forth to the crafting workbench many times.

Farm Carts are expensive to build, since the Thunderstruck Log can easily cost well over 100 Gold (on my server, at least). So, make sure you have at least 150 gold before you begin crafting your cart! And also, have at least 1.5k labor points available to be spent on the cart. If you want to make it cheap, you have to gather and process all of your materials!

Materials for Farm Cart:

  • 1 Farm Cart Design Farn Cart Design Screenshot (purchased for 50 gold at a General Merchant vendor)
  • 1 Cart Engine Cart Engine Screenshot (craft at a Carpentry Workbench)
    • 2 Fine Lumber Fine Lumber
      • 20 Lumber (60 Logs)
      • 2 Small Seed Oil
        • 6 Charcoal Stabilizer (obtained from overseas trading or Auction House)
        • 40 Rice
        • 40 Corn
    • 10 Silver Ingots
      • 30 Silver Ores (from Fortuna Veins from Mining)
    • 1 Archeum Ingot
      • 3 Archeum Ores (from Fortuna Veins from Mining)
  • 4 Cart Wheels Cart Wheel Screenshot (craft at a Carpentry Workbench)
    • 40 Lumber Lumber (120 Logs)
    • 40 Iron Ingots Iron Ingot (120 Iron Ores)
  • 1 Cart Shaft  Cart Shaft Screenshot (craft at a Carpentry Workbench)
    • 1 Thunderstruck Log
    • 1 Sturdy Ingot
      • 8 Iron Ingots (24 Iron Ores)
      • 1 Copper Ingot (3 Copper Ores)
      • 1 Silver Ingot (3 Silver Ores)
      • 1 Opaque Polish
        • 3 Charcoal Stabilizer
        • 20 Narcissus
        • 20 Azaleas

All of the components are available on the Auction House, usually. If not, it’s probably because someone doesn’t want to go through the trouble of making another component just to sell it. But when I looked at how much the engine could be sold for, I was impressed; it was 50 gold!

Make sure that when you are buying your Thunderstruck it is a Log! Logs will be cheaper than the Thunderstruck Tree. You can also grow trees and hope that they will grow to be a Thunderstruck, but to save time, you should go buy a log off of the Auction House. Higher populated servers will have more for sale. (Well that’s what I believe. More people means more TS trees, right?)

Farm Cart Crafting

I’m not going to buy new materials just for the sake of this how to guide, okay?

Once you have all of your components for your Farm Cart, head to the Carpentry Workbench. Search for “Farm Cart” in the Search Bar, and select the Farm Cart option. Putting the
components together will cost 25 labor. Building the Farm Cart from scratch will mainly increase your carpentry and machining proficiency. Once built, you will have a scroll that can summon a Farm Cart! It will be placed in your Inventory, and will be categorized as a Mount.

Farm Carts can also be upgraded to a Farm Wagon (for Gilda Stars) which can hold four trade packs, and that can be upgraded to a Farm Hauler (for Credits), which holds six trade packs and gives you the ability to water many plants at once without the need to have a bucket of water. It’s useful when you have a large garden of plants, especially if you don’t have the proficiency or money to buy seed bundles.

Farm Carts, Wagons, and Haulers use Eco-Friendly Fuel if they use the skill that will make them move 50% faster than their original speed for eight minutes. Eco-Friendly can be bought off of the Auction House, for an average Buy-Out price of 1 gold (on server Lucius), or crafted using Hay Bales (found from gathering grains) and Fresh Fertilizer (obtained by taking care of animal pens).

Now that you have built your Farm Cart, you can do trade runs efficiently by carrying multiple packs at a time (faster Commerce proficiency increase). Or you can help your friends or guild build their houses and manors by gathering materials and hauling them over to their building site.

Have fun with your new Farm Cart! And try not to get it stuck on a mountain or in a crevice. It’s not fun to set your packs down, resummon the cart, and rush to put them back in with a bunch of people watching you, especially in a PvP zone with reds.

Percy in front of cart

Percy’s just posing. In front of her Scarecrow Farm and her Cart.


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