Cheese, Bricks, and Exploration

Today, Percy did some exploring of Perinoor Ruins, created some mana and health potions, and went on a trade run with her aged cheese packs! She also saw a person of the Nuia continent, and yet they did not fight. Perinoor Ruins told Percy that she should probably get better gear soon, but she got a Sunlight Archeum shard from one of the monster drops! Now she can make the next level katana she’s been wanting for a while.

Percy Alchemy

Hey look! A logo! Persephonia is making the lowest level health potion because she has a low Alchemy proficiency, haha.

Last night, Persephonia made at least Rank 1 health potions with the Medicinal Powder she had! Another person joined her for a while when she was creating them, then left.

When Percy created her first batch of cheese packs, she was excited, since she heard that aged trade packs could generate a large amount of profit. And when she traded them into Lutesong Harbor, she was ecstatic; For each trade pack, she made around 8 gold and 20 silver! Multiply that by three, and that brings her to almost 25 gold! She’s going to get her mail around five in the morning tomorrow.

Percy and Cheese Packs

Going up hills when you’re carrying a few trade packs tires her.


Percy also went to Windscour Savannah, and recently built by her home by some very generous people, went to the Private Masonry Workbench. The housing province had all six workbenches you could buy at Mirage Isle!

She made some stone bricks, to save to craft her new house in Mahadevi. Percy has all of the wood required, but only about a sixth of the stone bricks needed. She got pretty angry when she found out she needed 2 stone packs, which is 200 stone bricks total and 600 raw stones!

Percy Masonry Windscour

I burnt most of my labor here (and gathering crops). Hope I get a Naya Luna Firework from the Divine Gift Box soon!


Later, Percy decided that she wanted to farm some buffaloes that were next to her house, and found a red, from Nuia, there. That made her flee for a little while, and then she stalked him into Perinoor Ruins. He had a Snowmane Snowlion and the wolf battle pet. Percy leveled up to level 48 by farming the Sandstorm and Duststorm Elementals, so she wasn’t afraid to fight him if she was provoked.

As she went into Perinoor Ruins, my monitor acted weird and turned off! When it turned back on, half of her HP dropped from being attacked by a Bloodbore. Luckily, she could do enough combos that the enemy died.

Pointing at Mosquitos

Those Deadly Bloodbores are fine if you get attacked by one… Not three at once!


In the end, it’s been a fun day for Persephonia, even though she died twice from her attacks not functioning or there were three monsters attacking her at once.

Percy and Peppers

The chili peppers are not even fully grown yet, and they’re almost tall as her!



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