Hasla Grinding, Day 1

Today, Persephonia has earned over 50 Hasla tokens! A member from another guild helped her get around forty during this afternoon. She wants the Hasla bow and sword… But is getting a bunch of great axe tokens. Darn!

She helped some people beat a red this morning, which sent him back to the other continent. Yay for Percy!

Another achievement she has done is getting the Autumn’s Petal title, which raises the Intelligence stat by three points. The quest line was long but fairly simple, although the next one for the Plainsracer title requires you to kill three almost 40K HP monsters. She tried two times, and killed one completely on her second try. Percy gave up after that.

She also burns up mana potions pretty quickly, so Percy had to grow many Iris plants and bought a large amount of Medicinal Powder to make about 400 rank two small mana potions. That burned quite a lot of labor.

percy makes mana potions blog


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