I’m Back!

It’s been about a month since I last posted, because of that spectacular new update for the Ayanad Library! Percy has reached level 51, and is halfway done with the level.  

Percy got her Cyanfin from a free frequent player’s pack (the Patron version) and got a Cyanfin! There are more people with these underwater mounts now, but they’re great when you want to travel quickly underwater and not be seen, unlike a clipper boat.

percy on cyanfin

Percy has a cute Yata hat too!

She has found out that working in groups is pretty fun, and you can progress faster in the Ayanad library quests. Percy got ecstatic when she fought beside some of the more well-known people on her server, although she forgot. Oh no!

Library Fighting flower group

Percy’s in the middle with her Hasla sword in the air. This was a great group to farm the second floor of the library with!

And one day while she was farming the library, Percy came back to one of her sunflowers with the highest quality you could get! Although it was only 250,000 XP, it was a surprise for Percy.

Percy and the best sunflower

She also got a pretty, daffodil-yellow colored gown. It makes her look pretty, but she still retains all of her armor and weapon stats! Percy can finally fight in style.

percy in gown

Don’t mind her bookcase in the background.

She’s slowly progressing to level 52 since it’s rare to find a group to join and go library quests together with. However, she has reached novice rank in both Alchemy and Mining! We hope her to get to novice rank in cooking since it’s a profitable yet challenging-to-level-up profession.

The new weekend dragon event is fun for Percy. She couldn’t exactly help kill the dragon, but did some Songcraft buffing and healing to help out her raid members (it was a full raid!). She died once, with her XP-loss prevention potion on. The dragon takes a long time to beat, since it keeps blowing you far away from it, and deals a wide-area damage that deals a heavy blow around 7,000 HP. Not fun. But our raid did it quickly!

Percy hopes to get a leather Ayanad costume too, since she thinks it looks pretty cool. But she doesn’t have enough resources, such as the ones dropped by library mobs and Gilda dust, and the big money sink will be the ten Blood Archeum crystals. That’s 400 gold!

But, Percy hopes to see you in the game! She needs some help to gather resources for the costume, and wants to help others too! (Meet her up on the server Lucius this week! This week, I’m off for spring break. You’ll see her in a yellow gown like above, in the safe zones of Haranya, or the Ayanad Library.)



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