Percy loves larders. Although she doesn’t eat the cheese (since they are too strong for her liking), they do give a nice amount of gold per pack. For traveling from Tigerspine to Villanelle, she earns a bit more than eight gold a pack. This run takes around 15 minutes too, so it’s quite profitable, assuming you harvest everything. Want to earn some gold without being online a lot? These are a great way to start.

larder info

Making Larders

Larders can be made at a Farmer’s Workstation or bought at the Auction House. Percy thinks it’s cheaper if you gather or buy the raw materials yourself, so you can make more gold.

One Larder Requires:

  • 6 Shatigon’s Blessings (available from the Blue Salt Brotherhood Representative in Lilyut Hills or Tigerspine Mountains, from Farmer’s Workstation, or on Auction House, for 20 Vocation Badges)
  • 5 Stone Bricks (15 Raw Stones total)
  • 5 Iron Ingots (15 Iron Ores total)
  • 5 Lumber (15 Logs total)
  • 70 Labor Points

Crafting larders will level up the Husbandry vocation, and maybe consume less labor points with a higher level proficiency in Husbandry.

Note that the larder can be used only once. One pack can be made per larder, and then the larder will disappear.

Larder Packs

There are three different types of packs you can create with a larder, the Honey pack, the Cheese pack, and the Salve pack. Each cost 60 labor 70 labor* to add their ingredients. Ingredients will also include the least costly way to harvest them.

  • Aged Honey
    • 5 Honey (obtained from Acorn Beehives or Auction House)
    • 5 Hay Bales (obtained from harvesting grains or Auction House)
  • Aged Salve
    • 40 Cultivated Ginseng (buy 13-15 seeds from Seed Merchant and place in a temperate climate)
    • 20 Olives (buy 5-6 trees, place in a temperate climate)
  • Aged Cheese
    • 30 Milk (buy a dairy pen from Auction House, milk three times)
    • 10 Lemons (buy 3-4 lemon trees, place in a temperate climate)

Cheese is the easiest pack to make, since the materials needed to craft it are easily obtainable and relatively cheap. Honey packs may come in second place, since beehives are a bit costly to make and require a lot of labor. Salve packs may not be efficient at all, since they need a lot of ginseng (about three gold in seeds) and olives (they do not yield much at once).

Rotating between cheese and honey packs may be better so that the value of the packs do not go down a lot at once.

Once you use 70 labor to add ingredients to a larder, you must wait three days for the larder to age its ingredients. You can level some other vocations in that time, such as fishing, cooking, and gathering/farming; pretty much any vocation that doesn’t demand a lot of labor. With the new 1.7 patch coming out tomorrow, Patrons will get a 10 labor/5 minutes offline bonus, adding more labor points to use when you log back on, so you’ll be getting 120 labor points an hour in the next big patch. Nice!

Selling Aged Packs

Selling these packs you’ve waited three days for pays off, at least the farther you go. A very common trade route in Haranya is the Falcorth Plains to Rookborne Basin and back. Players have found a little path that can be traveled up by donkey or farm cart, and this route will, in turn, give you tons of gold. This route generates a lot of gold since by the game’s definition, you have traveled through Falcorth, Tigerspine, Mahadevi, Villanelle, Silent Forest, then to Rookborne. But you have crossed a mountain pass, so it gives you a nice bonus.

Things You Should Note

Selling aged packs are great, but there are some things you should take note of.

  • Be cautious when you sell packs in PvP-zones or on the other continent—aged pack profits are sent all to the player who sold them, so if you’re killed and another person comes along and takes it, you get no gold, unlike regular packs.
  • Aged packs take around 100 labor to make—each. Avoid making packs unless you’re a patron or if you don’t have enough labor points.
  • Selling aged packs to Freedich Island gives the most Dragon Essence Stabilizers or Gilda Stars. The farther you are from the oceans (like Hasla and Karkasse Ridgelands), the higher the payout will be. But remember, if you lose the pack, your hard work will be put to waste.
  • On a Scarecrow Farm (16 x 16) you are able to put eight aging larders if placed correctly. To place them correctly, start with one in the corner, and try to make it barely fit the corner to put the rest around the edge of your garden. Some space will be left over in the center, perfect for storing your aged packs or growing crops. If you have a Gazebo Farm (24 x 24), you can put some more (I do not have a Gazebo as of the time this was written), and put some small trees and livestock. Plus a fence.

* Since the Rum Runner Rapids event has taken place, the cost to build, make pack, and turn in pack has increased to 70 labor points for each phase. This labor point increase will stay the same. However, the packs’ values will increase more.

Percy and Cheese Larders

Good luck with crafting your packs!


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