An Update with Percy!

Summer is here, and that means more playtime (and more posts… hopefully). Percy’s done a lot the past two months, such as setting up her own guild, obtaining more property, and more! Right now, she’s level 54, but she’s hoping to reach level 55 soon!

In Mahadevi, Percy’s made lunafrosts for her weapons to give them a glow. They are all tier three (Flawless Lunafrosts). She has also opened up a tavern beside the guild house called “The Buttered Biscuit Tavern & Goods”

Her guildie (IGN: Thesoulharvest) have been… Err… Dancing around in their underwear.


Why didn’t anyone pay us to see us dance?

Persephonia has also been swimming around the ocean, sometimes with her guildies, and sometimes not, but they have found a shipwreck near the island with a lot of oysters…

One of her newer recruits decided to join us on our trip, and was suddenly attacked by a Golden Jellyfish.  Superconnor‘s (center) pose when he died made Katvangrace (left) and Percy chuckle.



Here’s one of the shipwrecks we have found! But sadly, there was no treasure to be found. Oh, and that’s my dolphin by the ship.


Kat has over 250 gilda… We could have built a galleon.

A frightening portion of our journey from the oyster island back to Austera was a strange boat called the Ghost Ship. We’ve heard that, once defeated, they drop rare items or packs that can be traded into an ocean trader.


And… Percy has a new mount! A Dappled Lilyut Horse named Choco Biscuit. He’s slowly leveling up to become the mysterious Black Arrow horse.


“Hmm… One day I’ll get this mansion… Or build the prettiest ‘Spired Chateau’ mansion there is!”

Percy wanted to relax for a bit, so at a mansion in Solis, she put on her swimsuit and chilled for a bit with Choco Biscuit, dreaming about buying the expensive three-thousand gilda mansion.


At the end of the day, Percy likes to head to the docks of Austera and watch the sunset.

(I do have an alt on Kyprosa, so I’ll be sure to post some information about the new housing and features!)


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