The Amethyst Solarium!

A kind person on tumblr was giving away a code for the Amethyst Solarium, a new house type coming into Archeage in the 1.8/2.0 patch!

This solarium has a purple roof as it is from the Gamescon event in Germany. There will be a red one for the event in America. The other solariums will have a pink and turquoise roof, and will probably be purchased with credits or Gilda Stars (much like the Lunar and Solar Scarecrow Farms).

Solarium Front

It’s really pretty at night if you put some light fixtures around it! The decor limit is 200, so if you don’t have much furniture to put inside, you can put a fence around it, and still have room to put stuff inside.

Solarium and Piano

The house is 28 x 28, and one story tall, despite looking the same height as a chalet. This house has a unique shape; it’s shaped like a “U”!

I would say that you shouldn’t get this house if you’re planning to do a lot of farming though. Because of the shape and the front porch, you will not get much out of it, unless you figure out the perfect angle to set the house down at.

Solarium Fireplace

The Solarium’s fireplace is much better looking than other houses, although it does not provide the cooking tools like in other houses. But, the beauty makes up for that, right? (The deer skull is from Mirage Isle if you were wondering.)

Percy in Flower bed in Solarium

I would say that this house is for the people who are more attracted to the cosmetic side of Archeage (me!). You have a lot of room to put furniture, a bunch of windows to open in the back to get a lot of sunlight in, and a fairly large front yard to plant pretty flowers or trees.

This house definitely stands out from the others with it’s unique shape and gold accents, but when the other Solariums are released, it won’t look as special… But, if you have the Ruby or Amethyst Solarium, be proud! No one else will be able to get these colors.

Edit @ September 1: The house has a special decor limit of 10, can hold normal storage chests, 1 Otherworld Storage Chest, and Dimensional Storage Chests.

Note: These houses are not allowed to be sold, just like the Lunar and Solar scarecrow farms. Who wants to sell a pretty house anyway? 😀

(What has Percy done in the last few months?: Upgraded all visible pieces of the Dawnsdrop set to the Dazzling (tier three) Dawnsdrop Armor; Built a townhouse, then tore the townhouse down to set this house down; started making a lot of larders for money; achieved level 55!; and built a farm hauler!)


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