Hallowtide and Timber Coupe Spreadsheet!

A month has passed since the 2.0 update – Heroes Awaken, and right now, in October, it’s Percy’s favorite holiday… Hallowtide!

percy cat costume happy logo

She loves costumes. And decorating her house with seasonal furniture (to the point where she becomes broke…)

spooky spooky house

Tip: Adding [Blue Torch Sconces] on your house will create an instant eerie glow. Best when lit at night.

The new merit badge quests also come with pretty good rewards, some up to 50 gold! However, it’s usually done by doing a world boss or defeating the final boss in a dungeon.

percy with friends outside hf

Percy and some guildies just outside of Hadir Farm, preparing to take down Marmas!

In the past month, Percy’s been gathering tons of materials to craft a Timber Coupe! Right now, she has collected all of the plant materials (flowers and grains, but working on collecting enough Rubber and Thunderstruck Trees). And I’ve made a little spreadsheet that you can view in Excel, including a calculator that should give an approximate cost for how much gold you will need to invest in your car (sans the Timber Coupe Design). You can click on the image below to download it.

If there are any errors with the materials section, please contact me!

timber coupe promo


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