Percy’s First Serpentis Gear

Persephonia has been doing tons of larders for gold to buy the design for her car, but today, she treated herself to a [Labyrinth’s Leather Armor Chest], which contained a [Dark Watcher’s Jerkin]!

It’s been two or three months since Percy’s started working on getting materials for her car… And she’s come a long way!

almost done with timber coupe

Percy has the frame, chassis and wheels for her car, but she’s missing the design, so she’s doing larders (17 larders per 3 days) and making gold off of that. Of course, she can’t do just that and be happy. 😉

percy first time in serpentis

Percy asked her guild, <Genesis>, if they could assist her with a merit quest in the Serpentis Dungeon. However, the people who joined my mini-raid never done Serpentis before, so we had quite the learning experience. Later, Percy’s friend helped by telling when to pull one of the mini-bosses.

percy has a serp chest on

A side goal for Percy is to find the perfect set of weapons to use as image items. She found two great buys on the Auction House: [Purple Mirror Shard] (the sword) and [Free Shot] (the bow). Percy has a thing for purple colored items. (She is also wearing [Dazzling Dawnsdrop Fists][Red Sun Breeches], [Obsidian Cap], and [Dazzling Dawnsdrop Boots].)

percy has a serp chest on back

This is the backside of her outfit.

Hopefully, by the time I update again, I will have the Timber Coupe built!

What weapons do you think look pretty neat? Link in the comments below!


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