Timber Coupe and 2.9 (KR)!

After 3-4 months on working on her car, Percy finally got her Timber Coupe!

percy finally gets her timber coupe

Today, when Percy first logged on, she found a Timber Coupe Design going for 4,800 gold on the Auction House and she bought it. 🙂

After that, Percy headed to the Pawnfrost Peaks in Rookborne to complete a quest she got after crafting the car. It was to deliver a pack of tofu within two minutes, while driving down a steep slope!
delivery not included.pngShe also got this neat title called “Delivery Not Included”. (From the “Initial D” anime)

Percy also did a trade run with three honey packs in Falcorth to Solis to see how she would fare if she did it regularly.

The car goes quite fast downhill and makes it harder to control, but the control is much more easier than going downhill on a longboard.

Also… If you ever find yourself flipped over in a car, desummon it, or if you have a friend nearby, ask them to hold the packs while you resummon the car.

There’s also about 5-6 songs you can play with the “Play Music” button in the car.

Now let’s get to the good stuff… The Archeage KR 2.9 update notes!


Archeage KR 2.9 Notes

This update will primarily focus on castles, as well as the tier 7 Obsidian armor and some other little things. Here’s the page where I got it from!
(warning, this will be picture heavy)

번영하라! 정복자들 (New things for castle owners)

  • 영지의 성장 – New Buildings for Claimed Territory
    • Certain buildings, like mansions, can be remodeled to have three levels.
    • You can now add buildings that are made for a specific purpose, like a market, warehouse, etc.
    • The guild leaders/nation leaders who own castles in Auroria can raise a special pet that can only be obtained by them.
    • Even if you are not in a guild that has a castle, you can obtain coins (Lord’s Coins?) by participating in helping the guilds/nations that have castles grow.
biggest building with a lodestone in front

Only one of these buildings can be built. It supposedly increases production of materials needed for your castle land.

shabby little house with blue roof

This translates to “Farmhouse”. You will be able to buy seeds and saplings here, and obtain Lord’s Coins(?)

pointy tower

This is a “Warehouse”. It keeps your items stored and “produces” coins (not sure what coins).

curly building

Here, you raise your special pet if you’re the guild/nation leader and own a castle.

another big building but with red roof

This would be somewhat like a guild hall. You can set goals with your guild/nation and such.

new costumes

Depending on what castle you own, you get a costume that matches the color or “feel” of the castle.

  • 국가의 완성 – Working on your Country (Auroria Territory)
    • XLGames has reworked the Player Nation feature. Player Nations are different from the Haranyan and Nuian nations, like the Pirate Nation. A Player Nation can consist of people from different factions, so it is possible to have all four races in the same nation.
    • There is a new UI for the creation/management of a Player Nation.
    • There may be more areas opening in Auroria, depending on how many castles are owned.
    • There will be a capability to create allies with other nations.
    • There is a special costume only the leader of each nation can wear. (Has a crown, suit, and a long cloak.)
  • 공성전 개선 – Improved Sieges
    • There will be a change with bidding on siege scrolls.
    • A special buff (that can increase in power, like guild buffs) will be added.
    • If a nation wins a siege, the number of Lord’s Coins they earn increases depending on the number of buildings in the castle ground.
    • There are modifications to the walls of a castle.
  • 창공의 지배자 와이번 – Wyvern Mount
    • This dragon is a mount, and is given to the best nation’s leader.

I think it looks pretty cool!

고전하라! 새로운 목표 (New Bosses, Obsidian gear)

  • 흑요석 7 단계 – Tier 7 Obsidian
    • Created in one of the special buildings for a nation, the seventh tier of Obsidian Armor is very strong and powerful.

Left – Cloth. Middle – Plate. Right – Leather

  • 복수의 사자 이슈타르 – Last boss in the Dungeon “Garden of the Feast”
    • The last and most difficult boss of this dungeon will be released.
last boss of dungeon

The last boss in the dungeon “Garden of the Feast”.

  • 카둠 – New World Boss
    • Summoned world boss (like Calamitous Vyvara or Jola the Cursed).
weird tree boss

The new world boss.

  • 신규 랭킹과 매칭 – New Ranking Matches
    • A new system will be put into place for arenas that will match a score you have, to make it more fair.
    • This score depends on how many wins/losses you have had in the arena, and it can go down if you lose an arena match.
    • The bigger the difference is between your arena score and another’s, it is unlikely that you will be matched against them.

경험히리! 더 편하게 (Quality of Life Improvements)

  • 장비 도감 – Encyclopedia of Equipment
    • This “encyclopedia” can show a lot of your equipment at once. It also organizes by category, such as the different types of weapons you have.

Here’s what it will look like.

  • 연기학개론 – New Emotes
    • They include pointing an arrow, being frightened, wiping/scrubbing with a towel, grumbling, being drunk, acting like a guard, sweeping the floor, digging with a shovel, and thinking.
  • 가방 획장 – Increasing Inventory Size
    • You can now increase your inventory size to 150 slots.
  • 장제 초승돌 – Refined Lucid Lunagems
    • You can now craft Refined Lucid Lunagems (tier 3), which are like the Refined (Vivid) Lunagems.

누려라! 신규콘텐트 (Additional Content)

  • 푸른 자붕 창고 – Blue Warehouse
    • You can store 10 trade packs at the base of the warehouse and some storage chests on each level.

I’m guessing this is an 8×8 or 16×16 plot.

  • 신규 가구 추가 – New Housing Features and Furniture 
    • Added ladder items, rugs/carpets, and other furniture.

Two different ladders you can get.


An easel. Hopefully you can put a crest on it! Or maybe the paintings in the background are made from this?

carpet and door.png

Rooms in a house can now have doors in the openings that lead to other rooms. There are also rugs that will be available.

c a d 2.png

Another rug that will be available.

c a d 3.png

And another!

  • 신규 거주 지역-섬 – New Islands to live on
    • Residential islands in the Golden Sea (Halcyona Gulf?) and the Lost Sea (Castaway Strait?) will be added.

I better get myself a spot.


Oh, that’s good, it has a warehouse manager/mailbox and a Mirage Island portal!


Yep. Definitely gonna try to get a spot.

I think that wraps up this post. For this post, I have used Google Translate and an online Korean keyboard. The pictures under the update information section are from the Archeage KR’s website. Hope you find this information useful! What are you looking forward to in the 2.9 update?


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