Back… Again!

I sincerely apologize for having neglected my blog… Was busy over the past few months with the guild and in real life! I was also playing other games like Blade & Soul  and Black Desert Online.

Not much has changed since the last time I posted an entry but I can assure you that you will be able to see more posts during this summer (not like how I promised last summer, haha) since I figured out what I should be posting and what not.

Anyway, let’s go onward of what has went on during my five months of inactivity!

20 May 2016 Percy with Perdita

Swimming around North-East Arcadian Sea, and, while treasure hunting, Percy opened a treasure chest with a Perdita Statue Torso pack in it! That’s worth 1000g!

20 May 2016 Percy on her Lutesong Junk with Rock Battle Pet

With the gold Percy got from the Perdita and a Duun’s Blessing (she got to the Mythic diadem on the first go, and it was the first day of the event!), she built a Lutesong Junk and…20 May 2016 Percy Fishing on Her Fishing Boat

A fishing boat too!

20 May 2016 Percy Cook in Cookfire

With all of that AFK-fishing, she turned some Carp into a soup at the cookfire!

20 May 2016 Percy Builds Kathrann's Mansion

The guild leader of <Genesis>, Kathrann, was building a Haranyan-style mansion. Percy wanted to help her out!

20 May 2016 Percy in Owl Costume and Telescope Hasla

After some time had passed, Percy began doing trade runs to get enough gold to buy the Thiorium to make the special Owl Mailman costume! It looks quite nice!

20 May 2016 Percy and Gryphon Mt Esya Dena Volcano Flying

One day, I decided to take Percy to Auroria to climb the Esya Dena Volcano. She managed to get into the volcano, and flew out to take a cool picture. She was looking for Buried Treasure underground in Auroria!

20 May 2016 Percy Finds Buried Treasure Auroria

Loot! Percy found a Buried Treasure, along with the help of an item called [Treasure Map with Coordinates].  Sometimes they have nice rewards, like [Book of Auroria].

Hoping to post more often about Percy’s adventures, especially with the “2.9: Ascension” update coming out! If you would like, you can read the Public Test Server patch notes for the update here!


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