[2.9: Ascension] Obtaining Lord’s Pence/Coins

With 2.9, there will be new ways to obtain Lord’s Coins. Along with the usual gift of the coins with castle ownership, non-castle-owning guilds and players can get Lord’s Coins, while benefiting the ruling guild. Check out the video to find out!


  • You need 100 Lord’s Pence to make Lord’s Coins
  • If you have 50 Gilda and a Child NPC is on the tier 3 farm, you can use the 50 Gilda to get a “Light Territory Product”, which sells for double when sold to the Merchants in the Territory Marketplace.
  • The Worker’s Permit lasts for 5 days.
  • Auroria packs are different from Territory Products although they are both trade packs. Territory products can only be traded to it’s origin’s traders or can be placed in the Warehouse of another zone. Auroria packs require you to plant and grow the zone’s special plant, in which can be turned into a trade pack (with a Quality Certificate). These packs can only be sold in Freedich, but they are worth quite a lot.
  • Most items at the Territory workbench require Lord’s Coins.
  • You can have up to 5 bounty quests in your inventory at once.

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