[Archeage 3.0] – New Teaser with Orchidna and New Races!

Today, XLGames has released another teaser of the anticipated 3.0 update! Let’s take a look at what they have included!

The first thirty or so seconds is what appears to be Orchidna’s lair (What happened to her innocent self?!). Perhaps this will be somewhere players need to go to get the previously mentioned “upgrade” to their skillsets?

The other half showcases the Dwarves and the Warborn. The Dwarves (although unable to be seen in this video) have an epic-looking automaton they can ride inside of, and this video also shows the Warborn transforming into it’s more powerful form! I wonder why these abilities are included? Maybe they’re to compensate for not being released at the beginning of the game? Maybe they don’t have special passives like the other races do?

That seems to be all for right now — stick around for more!

For those who are interested and can understand a bit of spoken Korean, I recommend that you watch this clip from the Archeage meeting in Gangnam that took place a few days ago. Here, you can see some concept art for the races, and what seems like new zones?

Oh, and once the new races come out, which one will you choose? I’m going to roll Warborn to see their cool transformation ability!


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