Percy + Guildies do their First Run to Freedich!

A random thought came to mind today, and Percy wanted to run an entire Merchant Schooner to Freedich Island. Some other guild members wanted to join, so she invited them to go on a dangerous mission with her.Percy and her group (Lamini, Risuki, Teakah, Ranity and Zaleia) started off in Mahadevi to make some packs to sell in Freedich, and ran them down to the shore to load up Lamini’s boat.

percy and guildies freedich run1

Percy and her guildies were extremely lucky to find that the oceans were clear of people! They were able to turn in all of the packs they made. They turned the trade packs in for Gilda Stars. percy and guildies freedich pose

They were quite proud of their accomplishment so they took a photo together after they turned in all of the packs.  They look forward to doing more runs together!

blackleaf divine

Percy also bought a divine shortspear (finally)! She’s going to tier it up soon.


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