[Archeage 3.0] Teaser #2 Released

Just today, Korea released another teaser and more information about the huge upcoming 3.0 update. This teaser includes a better preview of the new races, and some information of the “Hatred” class-enhancement has been released!

Here we can see the teaser of the new 3.0 update, which includes a preview of the zones in which the Dwarves and the Warborn will start in. The starting mounts for Dwarves (I’m assuming this) seem to be a boar-like creature. The Warborn have something akin to an armadillo.

The two new races seem to have a lot more features about them that can be edited. Could we see this more complex appearance system implemented with the existing races?

The new “Hatred” enhancement is a special buff you can add to one skillset. It seems to have been confirmed that you have to quest or level up the “Hatred” enhancement, and it seems each skillset is able to receive the buff, although only one of the skillsets in a class at one time can have the “Hatred” enhancement on it. The “Hatred” enhancement can be chosen at any time (just like resetting a skillset). I have not yet found out how much this enhancement affects the skillset’s skills, but keep an eye out as I will try to figure out this new feature!

(This is what is meant by the “Hatred” enhancement. It seems that, once increased in level, the “Hatred” enhancement will eventually unlock all four attacks/debuffs/buffs and three new passives. These will be the same for each skillset… But that may be subject to change.)

More info to be posted every Tuesday night/Wednesday, or whenever new information is released!


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