[Archeage 3.0] Crafting – Commerce

Recently, I have acquired a Korean account to play on the Korean servers of Archeage. This was to gather information about the upcoming 3.0 patch.

Starting today, I will be making a series of posts to showcase some of the new changes in 3.0. The first in the series is the crafting bunch, and today, I’ll start with the Commerce vocation! Disclaimer: This information may not be accurate since there may be changes from the Korean to the North American/European version. This is to provide some knowledge about what to expect in the 3.0 update.

Commerce in 3.0 has changed a bit from the previous versions. A noticeable change is the lack of Quality Certificates for the Speciality/Fellowship/Fertilizer packs. These are now replaced by a crafting fee.

arcum iris spice

Arcum Iris Lavaspice

In fact, all crafted items have a crafting fee. Some are to replace the cost for the items originally used in the crafted item (such as armor; now they do not require Blue Salt Gloves and such, but have a crafting fee that amounts to that cost).

As one may see, the materials for the Arcum Iris Lavaspice pack have increased from the NA/EU version (as seen here). I believe increase in materials is going to be compensated by the increase in ALL trade pack values.

Another noticeable thing is the addition of Gilda Stars to some packs.

falc fabric

Falcorth Snowlion Yarn

This pack from Falcorth requires the crafter to use one Gilda Star. This seems to have affected the packs that were made more frequently than the other in that zone. Maybe this was to encourage crafting of the other pack?

However, there seems to be a good side to this. There have been rumors of the packs made with Gilda Stars being more valuable than the other, so it may be worth giving up a Gilda Star for some extra gold.

Something else to take note of is some packs have higher crafting fees than others. Those are the fellowship packs and the fertilizer packs (that are made at upgraded houses). These packs have a 75 silver crafting fee.

Now, some of you may be wondering about the new trade packs coming out in 3.0. Nuia has six new packs added, Haranya four. (Nuia has three zones added in 3.0. Haranya gets two).The screenshots below will show what those materials for packs are.

Nuian Packs (Roll over to see the zone)

Harani Packs (Roll over to see the zones)

*Forgot that there’s probably fellowship/fertilizer packs too… I’ll edit this post to add those in tomorrow… Haven’t seen anything about larders yet either, so keep an eye out! ^^


30 thoughts on “[Archeage 3.0] Crafting – Commerce

    • archeagepercy says:

      Hey there! I actually do not know the exact values of these packs yet. I’ll try to level up quickly on the Korean version to figure out how much these packs are. (I’ve heard from someone that the Rokhala Mountains packs are worth 22g if sold in Solis… Not sure which of the packs though.)


  1. Khan says:

    Percy, Hi.
    Would you also give us some informations about the Aged oacks too, i mean, if there’s gonna have a change or something ?
    Thanks 😀


  2. Anthony says:

    Why does Archeage hate the Karkeese Ridgelands? was it made by that guy in the office who everybody hates- so ignoring it has become some kind of long-running Trion office joke?


  3. Snuffy says:

    hi i have a question. In 3.0, I understand that Artistry gets a 3,000 character music sheet with 230k proficiency. Can you tell me what materials are needed to craft that please?


  4. Snuffy says:

    Thank you so much Percy! Another question I have is. Can you check 3 things on the AH in KR please? I’m interested to know how much these are currently selling for. Pine Saplings, Ginseng Seeds & Ginseng Seed Bundles. Thanks 🙂


  5. Snuffy says:

    hi Percy. I have 3 questions about larders. I ‘m so sorry! lol

    On the archeage database KR version on this page http://archeagedatabase.net/kr/recipes/stockraising/
    it shows the design for 1 larder (item 6484) with the materials necessary (the shiny seed doesn’t seem to have an icon available on the database yet but something is there) but then in the money part, the number is 10 thousand. (10000) Is that 10,000 copper? Does the database say it’s 10 gold to craft a larder? And if so, is it just wrong?
    on your website here you mentioned that in the KR (3.0) version, the aging cheese larder materials are now 50 milk and 50 lemons. But on the “Going to post more 3.0” thread on the Archeage forums, they said that the materials for the cheese larder is 50 milk and 20 lemons. Can you please confirm how many lemons will be needed for them? Thanks 🙂
    This question actually pertains to the shiny seed rather than the larder. Is the shiny seed an “arcane” drop? And most importantly, is skill level 230k farming required in order to obtain it, In fact is skill lvl 230k required to obtain both the new arcane drops from logging and farming? Or is it another random drop that your luck improves based on skill like natural rubber from trees?
    I’m sorry for so many questions!


    • archeagepercy says:

      You are right; you need 50 milk and 30 lemons. I will fix that graphic.
      On KR as of right now, the crafting fee is 1 gold.
      The shiny seed is an arcane grade drop. It costs 4-5g each on the Anthalon server right now.
      (Here’s a link of the AH screenshot: http://imgur.com/2XAATiy )
      You do not need 230k prof to harvest them. Higher farming will usually result in higher drop rates for them c:


  6. Snuffy says:

    Wow i’m amazed from this screenshot, it looks like they drop frequently since people post multiple stacks of 50 of them at a time.
    Here on NA version, when people are able to get so much of an item they all just start undercutting each other and the price tanks. I think on NA that seed won’t sell for more than 75 silver.


  7. Ana Maria says:

    plz make a table with the prices for each trade route for each pack… I can only find pre-3.0 tables… need to know price of new packs in comparison to old ones and new maps


  8. Snuffy says:

    Hi Percy. Can you tell us how players initially get into the Locca/Rocca Mountains zone north of Hasla? I saw in the livestream it looks like it’s surrounded by mountains and I didn’t hear them say how they got in there.
    Can we simply drive over a particular wall from Rookborne or Hasla maybe?


      • Gilmaru says:

        Mountain paths? Do you now if they are like the ones existing now or if there is a change in terrain? Because it’s pretty hard right now to go through the mountains..


        • Percy says:

          I’m not exactly sure of XL changed topography of the zones (although it feels like they did… not 100%) sure.

          There’s a few videos floating around that show routes out of mountains. I haven’t tried them myself yet though.


  9. Nathan Sinclair says:

    Hi percy,

    thanks for your article.

    I recently started playing archeage latest version (on fresh servers) and was wondering if you had a good guide to start commerce on. I am on a free account and think this might work (since i dont need to wait overnight for plants to grow) Any ideas?



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