[Archeage 3.0] -로칼로카 (Loka’s Mountains)

In 3.0, there will be new zones that are released. This zone, “로칼로카” or “Loka’s Mountains”, is one of them. It is also one of the two zones going to be released for the purpose of housing.

Loka’s Mountains is a huge zone. Almost all of the land in this zone can have houses or farms put down on it.

This video I made showcases some of the places in this new zone. This zone is very pretty (in my opinion). I’m sure many people will try to claim land there since Loka’s Mountains packs are hardest to move out, thus being the most valuable pack in Haranya (assuming that you trade it into Solis Headlands).

Below, you will find additional information about this new zone!

0713_new_residential_zone_B (1)

Climate: Temperate

Plant/Tree Spawns: Yams, Azaleas, Cedar Trees, Apple Trees, Irises, and Thistles


Source: Archeage KR Wiki




3 thoughts on “[Archeage 3.0] -로칼로카 (Loka’s Mountains)

  1. lordnexace says:

    Thanks a bunch for this Percy! Gives me a heads up to get nexros.com updated before the release. Do you know any of the other new zones in relation to housing?


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