[Archeage 3.0] – Crop Spreadsheet!

A week or so ago, I created a spreadsheet detailing the 3.0 versions of the purchasable seeds, saplings and livestocks. The spreadsheet includes the climates that the crops now have (some have changed), and the prices for the items (either in gold or vocation badges).

You can view this spreadsheet here! (Google Sheets file)

The locations where you purchase these crops and livestock have changed. For seeds and saplings that are paid in gold, the NPC that looks like a sapling merchant has them. For the livestock paid in gold, the NPC that looks like the livestock merchant has them. For the vocation items, the NPC that looks like the seed merchant sells them.


14 thoughts on “[Archeage 3.0] – Crop Spreadsheet!

  1. Snuffy says:

    about the seeds and saplings that you have posted on the spreadsheet bought with vocation badges…they sure seem to cost a hell of a lot of vocation badges (if I read that right, one water buffalo is 450!!!), have they been changed to permanently only be purchased through vocation badges? And is there any changes to vocation badges?
    They have nerfed vocation badges gains (making vocation badges a lot harder to get). TO compare, originally the amount of labor you spent on harvesting gave that number in vocation badges you were awarded (1/1). Then they cut it in half! Now it’s close to 2/3rds.
    To harvest a cow pen now with max husbandry it costs 154 labor and gives 100 vocation badges. To harvest a level 3 mining vein in a farmhouse it typically costs me 554 labor and give 360 badges. But they made ninja changes this past week if you have a level 3 jackpot vein, it used to cost 539 labor to harvest and suddenly it’s 832 labor to harvest!
    So it with the current system, at 180k husbandry, i need to harvest 9 cow pens (900 labor) in order to earn enough vocation badges to buy only 2 water buffalo!! If I spend 4950 labor on tasks that award vocation badges (not crafting anything or opening coin purses), I can buy just 11 water buffalo.
    Wow! Fine Leather will be worth more than TS trees!


    • archeagepercy says:

      Hello Snuffy.
      I checked KR today and you can purchase vocation seeds/saplings/livestock with gold from the AH or ask around if anyone is selling it. (For example, Cows on Anthalon KR are going for 4 gold each right now). But I don’t see much people selling seeds and such.
      There is a new way to obtain vocation right in KR. Within a family, you can do dailies (much like guild dailies) to get vocation. There is also that one merit badge daily that you complete for using x-amount of labor in one profession. The new housing area “mansion” also gives vocation dailies. (I read you can get around 4000-7000 if you’re in a family + the housing area daily).
      Although I’m not sure this is because I’m not a subscribed user in KR or not, but it doesn’t look like you can get vocation from farming anymore. I cut down two aspen trees and didn’t get any vocation from that.
      The thing I’m curious about is if the grades for crops will matter from 2.9 to 3.0. Cows and Water Buffalo are of the Grand grade, and I’m not sure if that will affect the crafting of Cow pens and such. That goes same for crops that are grand and rare grade (like yams for grand grade, chili pepper for rare). I wonder if one can use the older versions of crops so they can stock up beforehand.


  2. Snuffy says:

    ok let’s do the math break down. on buffalo. one buffalo gives about 45 pelts. so if you spend ALL your labor to earn enough vocation badges to buy 11 buffalo, then you grow them, feed and slaughter them you will get about 495 pelts. and processed, that’s 165 leather.


  3. Snuffy says:

    thanks for answering our questions percy. somebody said they heard we can only get a maximum of 6k vocation badges a day in 3.0. do you think that’s about right? And most importantly, can you tell me what is required in 3.0 to craft larders? Does it still require 6 shatigon blessings per larder?


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