[Archeage 3.0] Larders + Family Vocation Quests

Hello everyone! I have seen some of your requests for posts, and they’ve been about future content updates. Today, I will present information about the larder changes in 3.0 and the new Vocation Badge quests.


In 3.0, the recipes (in KR) for larders have changed. The infographic below shows the changes:

3.0 larder infographic.png


Crafting of the larder will be the same, except for the “Shiny Seed”, an Arcane-grade drop from farming crops. On KR Anthalon sever, these seeds go for about 6-7g. There is also a 1 gold crafting fee and it requires a maximum of 65 labor points to craft.

The larder pack materials have changed though. All have increased in materials needed, and the cheese and honey packs require a minimum Commerce proficiency to put down the larder and sell.

Cheese will now require: 50 Milk, 50 Lemons, and a minimum of 10,000 Commerce proficiency.
Salve will now require: 50 Ginseng, 35 Olives, but no minimum Commerce proficiency.
Honey will now require: 4 Honey, 20 Hay, a minimum of 20,000 Commerce proficiency.

I believe that with these changes, the pack values will increase by a considerable amount. The value of the larder itself has increased, and the increased quantity of materials will increase the value of the pack.

Vocation Quests/Family Changes

In 3.0, there will be several new quests being added, and some quests being modified to give Vocation Badges.

With the improved family feature, now you can unlock new quests that give vocation and complete them to get Vocation Badges and EXP for your family level.

  • Regional Housing Improvements – For this quest, you can complete a quest relating to the NPC mansion in a zone. This mansion, once upgraded (although it goes through a cycle; not sure how long that it) gives a variety of materials and services. On the side of the mansion is a little work station area. You will need “certificates” to turn in to help upgrade the mansion. I believe completing this quest will suffice for the Family Daily quest. This gives 100 Family EXP and 1,500 Vocation Badges.
  • “Happy Life” Quests – For these quests, you will have to work together to complete a goal. Such things include Farming, Gathering, Logging, Husbandry and Cooking. You will need several people in your family to work together to accomplish the task.

    (Taken from the Archeage KR Wiki.)
    There is an NPC in front of the NPC Mansion that you can speak to for obtaining and completing the quest. I assume that you will have to have three people talk to the NPC in order to complete it. This gives 100 Family EXP and 1,500 Vocation Badges.
  • Blue Salt Delivery – This quest requires you to deliver a trade pack from your continent’s Blue Salt hub (Windshade in Nuia, Anvilton in Haranya) and deliver it to any safe zone on your continent. On the KR Wiki, it says something about being a timed quest… Or a quest being able to be done at certain times.

    (Image taken from KR Wiki… Not sure why they’re on Freedich though.)
    This quests gives 100 Family EXP and 1,500 Vocation Badges.
  • Family Fishing – With your family, go sport fishing in a freshwater area. You must catch a big fish (Gargantuan?) to complete this quest. However, knowing that you can get a Gargantuan easily from freshwater fishing, I’m sure they’re going to add a different kind of fish that will be waiting to be caught once your family quest is active. This gives 100 Family EXP and 1,500 Vocation Badges.

In addition to those family quests, the current Merit Quest Daily that requires you to use some amount of labor in a proficiency will be changed to include vocation badges, ranging from 300 to 750 Vocation Badges (depending on what the quest asks for).

You can view the Merit Quests and Vocation Badge amounts on this spreadsheet I made here.

Alongside with the Family and Merit Dailies are the upgraded house dailies.
Farmer’s Workstations now also provide 750 Vocation Badges with the daily quests you can do at it.
Upgraded homes all receive daily letters from the NPC mansion. These require you to collect items and deliver it. These give 750 Vocation Badges. There are 5 different ones. Not sure if you only get one a day or if you can get all 5.
Upgraded homes also have a 500 Vocation Badge reward with their daily quests from their house’s quest jar.


17 thoughts on “[Archeage 3.0] Larders + Family Vocation Quests

  1. Snuffy says:

    Thank you so much Percy! I love the KR Wiki picture on Freedich 🙂
    Considering that cows will cost VB and the amount of materials necessary for cheese larders will rise, it looks like milk is going to become pretty expensive in 3.0.


  2. Snuffy says:

    Ok another question for you. You mentioned that the upgraded house quests and farmer’s workstation quests will award vocation badges. As they are now, they award 5g & 1 gilda star for each quest. I have a LOT of upgraded houses on both NA and EU, so I do those dailies, I wonder if (besides adding vocation badges) the awards will be changing otherwise?


    • archeagepercy says:

      I don’t believe that they will be changing.
      I am not exactly sure since the AA KR database hasn’t updated some quests and I don’t have access for the upgraded house or farmer’s workstation quests.


  3. alexic94 says:

    One more thing, could you either ask around or try to turn in a aged pack for example. Rooborne to Solis or something like that? i really want to know if the value of the pack has gone up. Thanks!


  4. Greediest says:

    Was anyone able to confirm whether or not basic crops became unusable when the servers in KR transitioned to 3.0 and many crops became grand? Also, if anyone was able to confirm, is it known what occurred to the old basic crops after the transition- was it possible to sell them back to a merchant for their original purchase price?


  5. hatberg says:

    Regional Housing Improvements: Minimum requirements are level 30, and your family needs a house in the zone of the community mansion.

    This family mission has two parts. You’ll obtain a quest that requires you to turn in 30 lumber (but will probably cycle through other refined materials). After completing this quest you will obtain some vocation points and a token to upgrade the community mansion. After using the token at the mansion you will complete the family mission for an additional 1500 vocation and family experience, and an extra token for upgrading the community mansion.

    Doing the family missions gives family XP. Your family starts out at level 1, which gives a buff for +20% xp gained on using vocation. Level 2 would add increased movement speed when carrying a trade pack. Level 3 adds increased duration on Tailwind when using a Merchant Ship or Fishing Boat.

    Liked by 1 person

    • archeagepercy says:

      Unfortunately I am not able to test them (I mean I can but I do not have the time to). Maybe over a longer vacation or break during the school year I can (Or I can do multiple packs from different safe zones and calculate the percentage in increase, although I’m sure larders will have a much bigger one due to larders being around 12-13g in KR.)


    • Remigius says:

      as far as i unterstand from watching trion livestream. everyone that got land at the area can do mansion quest
      as long as u got land in solis, u should be able to do it


  6. Eric LaPrarie says:

    larders are obsolete now cost mats+labor just isn’t worth the effort, just make some fert packs and flood the market with seeds you get from farming maybe the price will drop to 3-5 gold and hope that stone bricks ect price go down some. as is my profit margin is higher running fertilizer packs.


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