3.0 Content Guide in Progress

Other than the small content/maintenance patch updates (in the Korean version) I will be posting, I am in the process of making a guide (about content updates since it’s going to be difficult if I wrote about every bug fix).It will take a bit of time since I do have school to do and such so I am busy for most of the time. But I look forward to its completion!

Here’s a little preview of a spread in Indesign I have completed (may need to edit the text a little bit).


I’ll also need helping with proofreading the guide, so if you are interested in helping, please let me know. (I’ll credit you, don’t worry. ^^)


16 thoughts on “3.0 Content Guide in Progress

    • archeagepercy says:

      Larceny was reworked a little bit. Mobs still drop coinpurses (although not 100% of the time anymore, for a small amount of gold drops, or should I say silver). You can now open boxes that require a little bit more labor than the coinpurses respective to the mob’s level, and, although I haven’t got any yet, there are lockboxes with greater rewards than the boxes and coinpurses but they need keys (which are craftable).


  1. hatberg says:

    Hi Percy, hook me up. Although English isn’t my native tongue, I feel I have a strong enough grasp of the language to proofread for you. (Additionally should be able to double-check some of the non-combat content on KR).


    • archeagepercy says:

      It’ll take a while since I cannot regen labor offline and although I can put land down, I cannot put a regular farm down since I’ll have to the quest for it or do the one from the credit shop which requires a Korean credit card. A collaborative effort with others who have Korean accounts may be good for recreating the spreadsheet. Contacting Korean players may provide more accurate information as they can easily do trade packs because they have Patron.


  2. twixiepixie says:

    I just want to know…. when will this guide come out? And you said you would post fert packs.. Does the fertilizer packs require gilda to make? Or just a fee?


    • archeagepercy says:

      I’m hoping I will find the time to compile all of the information I’ve read and put it in a document for now, then continue working on the guide some time by the end of October. By then, I can make any corrections in this that Trion will implement in their version.

      The fee to craft fertilizer packs is 75 silver.

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  3. Snuffy says:

    In 3.0 fertilizer packs are the same materials they are currently on the NA servers with the only exception they don’t require a quality certificate, and instead, they cost 75 silver each to craft.
    20 trimmed meat, 25 ground grain, 25 chopped produce, 50 dried flowers & 75 silver.


  4. Pest UDL says:

    Any chance you could post some breakdowns on the skill changes coming in 3.0? Looking for English translated patch notes to see exactly how much things were nerfed/buffed but I can’t seem to find it.


    • archeagepercy says:

      I will try to once I have the time. I will work on Abyssal Skill translations by using the KR website’s information and the KR version, and I will confirm those skills on PTS. Will record current version’s info down to compare changes to 3.0.


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