Speedboat + Spreadsheet

The Seawhipper Speedboat and the Seaskimmer Speedboat have arrived today in ArcheAge NA/EU! I’d call them a “glorified clipper” for the fact that it is classified as one (according to the game) and they have about the same cruising speed as it. However, the speedboats do have different abilites.

This post also provides a spreadsheet for the materials required to build the “Seawhipper Speedboat”. To obtain the “Seaskimmer Speedboat” you will need to buy a Speedboat Upgrade Ticket Speedboat Upgrade Ticket for 3500 Credits, or via Auction House with gold. The design for the speedboat is 1,200 Gilda Stars.

And for those who can not wait, do not fret. If you want to drop $100 on credits, you can buy the upgraded boat (this is a limited time offer; lasts until October 24, 2016). But isn’t it more fun making the boat?I have not built the boat yet, but I have driven around in my guild-mate’s speedboat.

Riding off into the sunset!

The boat, when upgraded, also can store four trade packs.

Located at the front of the boat. There is a button while you are in the driver’s seat of the boat you can click on to open/close the hood.

10-12-2016-5-27-58-pm 10-12-2016-5-28-10-pm

These are the two skills unique to the Speedboat.
The speedboat’s average cruising speed is around 11-13 meters a second, with the top speed I have found to be 38 meters a second (taking advantage of the Stone Skipper and Rev the Engine skills).

Speedboat MAterials


Yes, I did a gender swap on Percy.

Speedboat Materials XLS Format

Speedboat Materials XLSX Format

If you’re feeling a little crafty, you can give the upgraded version a crest using the template for it:
Credit to 켄로 on AA KR!

If there’s a miscalculation on the spreadsheet please let me know. I’ll do a quick fix on them.


Note: The Hood section arrow points to the front of the boat. The Back section points to the rear end of the boat. The Side section arrow points to the back of the boat.

Make the outline of each section serve as a reference rather than a enclosed space just in case this template is not completely matching the one in game. on


Some Ideas for Speedboat Crests:




Personal Opinion

Is this boat worth it?: In my opinion, not really if you already have a Clipper that goes faster with upgraded sails and propellants (which is cheaper than building this). However, the upgraded version does have the potential to carry at least 8 packs (4 in the storage, 4 on people’s backs and some by clinging onto the side rail).

This boat is more for fun and looks than to be functional, but if you want to bring several friends (or alts) along for the ride overseas, this boat might be good since they won’t fall off the boat.

From the KR to the NA/EU version, yes, this boat seems to have been nerfed. KR has a cruising speed that’s several more meters a second faster than the NA/EU version. Their Stone Skipper/Rev the Engine boat skill also looks like it makes it go faster than what has been reached on our version (they can hit 40 meters a second there).


7 thoughts on “Speedboat + Spreadsheet

  1. Greediest says:

    I appreciate your swiftness in getting regarding the in-depth information about the boat’s capabilities. But most of all, I appreciate that you have supplied everyone with the format for the crest-stamp. One of my guildies tried to use a generic stamp for the boat, but it came out wonky. Thanks to you, I will be able to craft a custom image suited for him.


  2. Thayn says:

    “And for those who can not wait, do not fret. If you want to drop $100 on credits, you can buy the non-upgraded boat (this is a limited time offer; lasts until October 24, 2016)”

    Please correct – “you can buy the upgraded boat”


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