Update on 3.0 Guide

With Trion’s announcement of the release date for Revelation (December 10, 2016 for both NA and EU), I have now set a loose timeline with what I want to get done before the release.

I have decided to split the entire guide into smaller guides (since I think they’re easier to get done than an entire book). The guide will be split into the following groups:
“*” indicates that these may be merged into one

  • Vocation/Farming/Crafting/Trade Pack Changes (currently working on this, will need help once Revelation hits PTS for confirmation)
  • Abyssal Skills (need to collaborate with others to get a general idea of the skills down from the KR website and PTS, for confirmation)
  • New Races + Their Transformation Skills *
  • New Zone Information *
  • New Items + Changes to Skills
  • New Questline for Abyssal Skills

If you are interested in helping, let me know in the comments or PM me on the Archeage Forums (you must be logged in to use the PM feature). If you are on the Nazar server, let me know through in-game mail (mail to Perseph if you are using this method). Please specify what you would like to do (write copy, edit copy, confirm information, etc.) I will credit you in the opening of the guide.

I thank all who are interested in helping create this guide.


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