[Revelation] – Abyssal Skills (KR Skills Version Currently)

Ahh, yes. Probably one of the more anticipated posts to come out. Well, here it is!
ArcheAge Korea has featured the Abyssal Skills wiki page on their site, so this allows for an opportunity for me to write up about it. Without further ado, here’s the information for it!

(Header image from the Korean AA Wiki)

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Looking for Help on 3.0 Guide (on PTS)

Hello all,

I am in the process (although slow) in making the crafting/vocation guide for 3.0, since I believe that is going to be one of topics people are more concerned with (alongside Abyssal Skills, which I hope to make before many people start that quest line).

I will need help for gathering and correcting information (using info on PTS) to finish up those guides before I publish them. Proofreading would also be appreciated.

If you’re available at any of the times between 3pm-5pm PST on November 29 and 30, or from December 1 to 8, mail (in-game) Persephonia on the PTS server, Perseph on the Nazar server, or Percy on the ArcheAge forums. (More detail in this post by Khrolan)

Thanks in advance!

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