Looking for Help on 3.0 Guide (on PTS)

Hello all,

I am in the process (although slow) in making the crafting/vocation guide for 3.0, since I believe that is going to be one of topics people are more concerned with (alongside Abyssal Skills, which I hope to make before many people start that quest line).

I will need help for gathering and correcting information (using info on PTS) to finish up those guides before I publish them. Proofreading would also be appreciated.

If you’re available at any of the times between 3pm-5pm PST on November 29 and 30, or from December 1 to 8, mail (in-game) Persephonia on the PTS server, Perseph on the Nazar server, or Percy on the ArcheAge forums. (More detail in this post by Khrolan)

Thanks in advance!

[3.0] PTS Offline from Nov 18th to Nov 29th


The PTS server will be brought down on 11/18 and will remain offline until 11/29. If you’re a PTS resident, please ensure that your taxes are prepaid prior to this outage. No wipe will occur on PTS at this time. When the server becomes available for public testing on 11/29 it will have the Revelation 3.0 update. Please note that some content may be disabled and the server will initially only be available for several hours at a time.

Here’s the current schedule:
11/29: PTS Server available with Revelation build 3pm-5pm and 7pm-9pm PST
11/30: PTS Available 3pm-5pm, and 7pm-9pm PST
NOTE: The PTS2 server may become periodically available – it will be used internally to test the fresh start account segmentation feature where PTS acts as a Legacy server and PTS2 acts as a Fresh Start server.
12/1: Continuous PTS Available starting at 10am PST
12/8: PTS testing concludes and the server is locked for internal use at 4pm PST
NOTE2: All of these times are subject to change if additional focus testing is required.

Some legacy fluffy commands will be disabled on the 3.0 build so please use them to your liking prior to us expiring them. Several new commands may be added to test specific 3.0 functions (abyssal skills, new race leveling experience, transformations, etc.)


Source: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?297225-3.0-PTS-Offline-from-Nov-18th-to-Nov-29th

You can also contact me, by filling out the form below.


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