Abyssal Skills Quest Tutorial

You may be wondering how to get the Abyssal Skills coming up in the 3.0 – Revelation update. This simple guide will help you complete the quests needed.

If you want, you can view this video that PwnPiez on YouTube created. I think it is done nicely ^^

First, head to Diamond Shores. Go to the western side of the zone, and up on a hill, there is an NPC named [Ayanad Disciple] Belstrom.



He will give you some lore, and direct you to the city of Lavis in Karkasse Ridgelands to talk to an NPC named Wanderer Arde. Again, you can just click through to see where you need to go next.


Wanderer Arde

You will then need to go to Golden Ruins to meet the Silent Watcher, an NPC that is a big, floating eye. Talk to him, and travel to Exeloch.


Silent Watcher

Talk to [Crimson Watch] Apprentice Rudal in Exeloch, to complete a portion of the quest.


Apprentice Rudal

Go back to Golden Ruins to talk to [Crimson Watch] Scout Captain Camaro. He will give you the next quest, which tells you to travel to Diamond Shores.


Drillmaster Rhiona

Talk to [Crimson Watch] Drillmaster Rhiona. (Be aware that these zones are not safe zones, and you can be attacked!) She will tell you to go to the Ynys Isle.



Ynys Isle is a huge island off the coast of Solzreed (although it is a war zone). Talk to Maynard. Travel up to the big statue of Nui to talk to Lucius.



Talk to Lucius, and then use the teleport scroll item that is given to you to teleport to the Burnt Castle Armory dungeon entrance. (Alternatively, you can go to the dungeon and click on the last option when you go near the portal.)



Talk to Damian, and your quest is nearly done!


With at least one of your skillsets leveled to level 55, you can choose one of the burning swords. In this case, I chose Vitalism. Click on it to do the quest first. Note: You will need a Specialization Snowflake in order to fully complete it.

Once you have a Snowflake, click on the icon of the face. When you complete that, you can now enable the skillset you chose to have Abyssal Powers.

Congrats! Now you can level the skillset (see this post to see the materials needed to level at certain points), and repeat the questline for each skillset. You also get a manuscript which can be turned into a book, for each skillset questline completed.


3 thoughts on “Abyssal Skills Quest Tutorial

    • Percy says:

      Sadly the .psd file overloaded my computer’s memory (since that file was HUGE) and went MIA >< I’ll have to make a new one, but that’s okay since there’s new zones that were added ^^


  1. Celestriaa says:

    So I only took one of the skills and have opened it now to 55, however after doing various things in game I have noticed that it is not levelling. Any idea what I may have done wrong?


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