KR Mini-Update: Gingerbread Houses and Equipment Enhancement Changes!

ArcheAge Korea has released several new items for the Christmas season, including new gingerbread-styled house and a new costume (that’s not a reskin of one from the past)! There are also some promises to reduce RNG in equipment crafting in the Korean version of ArcheAge.

New Content

The new costume has a dark grey/silver/light blue color palette. Korea calls this costume 포장 된 푸른 늑대 의 혼:전투 형, or “Horned Blue Wolf Pack: Combat Outfit”. The description of the costume seems to talk about that this attire is akin to the Blue Wolf guardian that protected the Terak Kingdom in Haranya. This costume is purchasable in Korea via the Cash Shop and through the Winter Maiden (Christmas) RNG boxes.

Here are some photos of this costume below:

Costume on Nuians.

(From left to right) Costume on Firrans, Harani and the Warborn.

(From left to right) Costume on Elves and Dwarves.

The new house, a gingerbread-house themed home, is a large 28×28 home. “Local” and “Middle” tax rates do not apply to this house, although hostile territory taxes do. However, the Full Kit version (purchased from the cash shop) can only be used once. If demolished, the home must be rebuilt like any other home.

This home can fit up to 200 decor items. It cannot be placed on a steep slope. Its security deposit is 50 Tax Certificates and its weekly taxes are 25 Tax Certificates.

As one can see, most of the land around it cannot be used since it has a porch all the way around.

An interior shot of the house.

The building also has a special workbench. This workbench allows one to make special candy-themed furniture, such as jelly chairs, ice cream cone tables, and more. An exclusive item (sadly only available from the cash shop) is a strawberry cake bed, with pink frosting as the covers.

ArcheAge x AMIGO! Changes

*AMIGO! is a group that helps ArcheAge with development.

  • Mentioned that everything post-3.0 is working towards a system less based on RNG (such as gearcrafting).
  • Planning on adjusting the amount of anchoring emblems given from destructive regrades.
  • Planning on making crafted gear (Illustrious-Ayanad) more like Obisian Tier 7 gear, where you can pick your preferred stats on your armor/weapon. (This seems to be only applicable if a crafted weapon/armor piece gets the special Glowing proc).
  • (Production and materials needed for equipment crafting will change, and will be noted in the official patch notes when the update goes live.)
  • The special Glowing procs can happen more often with the aid of a new item. This crafted charm allows the gear to be in the upgradable prefix and allows for one to choose the preferred stats.

UI for selecting preferred stats.

  • Due to more combat in PvP, ArcheAge is considering ways to close the gear gap by lessening RNG factors in crafting.
  • This will be achieved by making regrade success rates higher with lower grade items. It will be further amplified with higher grade items.
  • In order to counter these improved success rates, there will be an increase in regrade cost.
  • These costs seem to be divided into three groups: Level-up process (lower costs), Standard, and Upper Tier Items (higher costs).
  • There seems to be the actual regrade rate being shown in the regrade UI, instead of arrows, x’s and circles. (Wow!)

Regrade success rates are now in percentages.

  • There will be changes in “regional dispute systems” and raid adjustments, being published in thr next AMIGO! post.

Some kind of teaser for players? Another new zone?

As always, these changes and content additions are always open for discussion, so comment below if you have any questions, and other people can help you to find your answer!
(All of these lovely screenshots and pictures are from the ArcheAge Korean website.)


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