[ArcheAge 3.5] – Player Progression and Skills

(As a foreword, I’d like to say that the previous post had been titled incorrectly. It should be ArcheAge 3.5, not 3.1.)

The title of the update in the Korean version will be “Arche”, meaning the origins/beginnings of Erenor history.

Yesterday, XLGames/AmiGO! released a post detailing information about further character progression. This includes a set of special levels (called “Successor” levels in the Korean version) and different attributes/elements for actives in skill trees.

Further Character Leveling

Once a player has reached level 55, they can choose to become an “heir” or successor. These levels, from Successor I to Successor VII, are leveled by traditional methods (crafting, questing, killing etc). However, to let people who PvP in arenas or open-world, or those who do honor quests, going from one Successor level to another requires Honorforged Medals, which can only be purchased from the Honor Shop. It is not known if the NA/EU version will need to farm Honor, or if it will be changed to something else (as they did remove Honorforged Medals from the requirement of leveling Abyssal Skills).

Here is the projected XP amount needed to level these Successor levels:

  • Level 55 > Successor I: 3,777,158 XP; 8 Honorforged Medals
  • Successor I > Successor II: 1,531,946 XP; 10 Honorforged Medals
  • Successor II > Successor III: 1,531,946 XP; 10 Honorforged Medals
  • Successor III > Successor IV: 1,531,946 XP; 10 Honorforged Medals
  • Successor IV > Successor V: 1,912,932 XP; 12 Honorforged Medals
  • Successor V > Successor VI: 1,912,932 XP; 12 Honorforged Medals
  • Successor VI > Successor 7: 1,912,932 XP; 12 Honorforged Medals

This comes to a grand total of 130,000 Honor Points, and 14,117,792 cumulative XP. The amount of XP needed may change in our version, as leveling from 50-55 XP requirement in our version decreased eventually.

Leveling can be hastened depending on how often you are on during big XP daily quests. Growthstones and Labor Usage help with it as well.

(From Korean Site)

The picture shown above shows that you are a Successor. These are denoted by the wings with metal plating on your status bar.

Skill Changes

ArcheAge has 120 classes, and adding attributes to several skills in a skillset can make a player’s combat even more unique.

These attributes are:

  • Flame
  • Life
  • Quake
  • Stone
  • Wave
  • Mist
  • Squall
  • Lightning

(These names may be changed as it gets released into our version. I named them after weapon/armor/instrument prefixes, as the translation shows similar names.)

When a player gains a Successor level, they will get one successor point. These points can be used to activate special versions of a skill.

The UI showing the variations of Precision Strike.

Each skillset has three selected skills that have two variations each. This comes to a total of 60 skill variations across all ten skillsets.

The skills will have a different effect depending on what kind of attribute it is.

Here are more screenshots from the Korean ArcheAge site that show some of the other skills:

Startling Strain

Protective Wings




Charged Bolt

Banshee Wail


Summon Wraith

New Zones

In Auroria, new zones will be released. They are “Whale Song”/”Lone Whale Song” and “Candlestick Strait” (a map made by a player a while back can be found here.)

Mobs in these zones are of Successor levels, meaning that they are harder to defeat. However, these mobs have loot of a higher quality. These zones cycle through Conflict, War and Peace as other zones do.

In Whale Song, one can pick up a daily mission to kill “Karzai”, a world boss in that zone. In Candlestick Strait, one can complete a daily mission to guard the towers in the zone. These offer a max of 2,400 Honor Points.

Subtitle: It’s said that if you find the remnants of the Ipni on Candlestick Strait, you can learn the secrets of making Erenor gear.

Other Changes

  • Level 1 to 30: Removed/changed some quests. (Possibly increased XP gain).
  • The two new zones’ quests XP reward are of the equivalent amount of Ayanad Library dailies.
  • Abyssal Skill leveling may only require Abyssal Crystals/Shards. The Shard drop rate will be adjusted to meet this change.

Teaser Video

One can see the new Erenor gear, as well as some of the alternate version skills being used. The two zones are in this video as well (the first part is Candlestick Strait, the other is Whale Song). The boss at the end I am guessing is Karzai.

Source: http://archeage.xlgames.com/mboards/amigo/12998


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