[ArcheAge 3.5] – Erenor(?) Gear

The tier of gear after Ayanad is so-called the Erenor gear. This article details information published by XLGames in their article concerning Erenor gear. (I am not sure if it will be called Ipni or Erenor gear, but I will call it Erenor gear.)

Erenor gear has some interesting perks that other kinds of gear do not have.

Erenor Gear Perks

Due to the nature of Erenor-tier gear, they often “bond” with its user. As time went on reconstructing Erenor weapons and armor from ancient times, researchers figured out that they brim with power under certain occassions!

  • Erenor Weapons will glow in response to the kind of skill you use. For example, if you are wielding an Erenor sword and use a Battlerage skill, it will glow during the time the skill is being used. Once the skill has been completed, the weapon goes back to its normal state.
  • Erenor Armor will grant you larger and brighter wings depending on its grade. A set of Erenor Armor must be complete for it to appear. These wings pay homage to the ancient Ipni people – the ancestors of Astras (who similarily have wings)!

One can see that the Erenor gear has a higher value than Tier 7 Obsidian.

Another perk of Erenor gear is that you can select the stats that you want. But how does that work?

What I believe is the biggest perk with Erenor weapons is… You don’t have to regrade them with scrolls.

This is shocking, but it is completely true.

So how does one regrade Erenor items?

One can use gear from regular/Obsidian gear crafting, dungeon gear, and raid boss gear to level up the Erenor items. This is similar to costume and cloak leveling, except regrading Erenor items will certainly be a lot pricier.

However, the big catch is that the “fodder” (items used to level Erenor gear) must be of the same grade of the Erenor gear… Good luck trying to get it to the new grade above Mythic!

UI of regrading Erenor items.

It is unclear if you are able to have some influence on what possible rolls can occur with regrading and selecting stats of Erenor gear in XLGames’ post.

In the screenshots shown above, you see the traditional gear UI, but below the gear score section, you see the Synthesis effects section. It seems to not only be concerning stats like Strength, Intelligence and Stamina, as the screenshot of the Erenor weapon shows some sort of percent.

One last special thing about Erenor gear is that they can be enchanted by Lunafrosts (and possibily Lunagems) designed for Erenor gear.

These special enchantment items cannot be socketed on any other kind of gear.

With creative naming, I call them “Ipni Eclipse” (Google Translate calls it “Ipni Moon Shadow”, but Eclispe just sounds better). stones. Unlike regular lunafrosts, they are affected by the number of the same stone socketed. For example in the screenshot below this “Flame Ipni Eclipse Stone” enchantement item has some available stats.

  • Having only 3 three armor pieces enchanted by this “Hit Rating” by 506.
  • However, if you have 4 piece Erenor, you have an additional stat of 560 “Flexibility” (one of the PvP stats, forgot which one).
  • If you decide to enchant all 7 armor pieces with this stone, this specific enchantment will grant you an additional 18.6% increase to your critical damage.

Of course, the stats given by these enchantment items are reflected by their prefix. Perhaps the effects will be different with one of thr Wave or Stone prefix.

Screenshot of the item.

How Do I Craft Erenor Gear?

XLGames put a high proficienc requirement for making Erenor gear, so if you were one of those dedicated people working on weapon/armor production, you will be needed since the requirement is a minimum of 180K proficiency. If you want that Ayanad bow to become Erenor, look for a skilled carpenter you trust to craft it for you, or level up carpentry. Same with Weaponry, Handicrafts, Tailoring, Leatherworking and Metalworking.

To have it simply put:

Divine or Higher Ayanad + “Ipna’s Favor” + Crafting Materials = Basic-Grade Erenor (remember, you can level up the Erenor weapon)

  • Ipna’s Favor seems to be a sort of item obtainable from quest and dailies in Candlestick Strait and Whale Song zones in Auroria.
  • Due to the fact that Erenor armor has no random prefix like other armors, XLGames implies that you do not have to get the upgradable prefix (like Volcano for bows, Summer for Swords) to upgrade it. 

A character wearing Erenor cloth armor.

Compared to the Trading Post article, this was a lot shorter due to a lot of detail omitted by XLGames. Although knowing specific details about the Erenor gear would be wonderful (such as the materials needed), I believe that XLGames is going to keep it a secret for now.

If they do post more detail about Erenor gear, I’ll be sure to cover it in a short post that links back to this one 🙂


22 thoughts on “[ArcheAge 3.5] – Erenor(?) Gear

  1. Jake says:

    Divine or Higher Ayanad + “Ipna’s Favor” + Crafting Materials = Basic-Grade Erenor

    Hey when you said this, did you mean any Divine or Higher Ayanad can go Erenor??

    So if I had a Divine Life Ayanad Sword, can that go Erenor, or will I still require a Divine Summer Ayanad to go Erenor?


    • Percy says:

      Hello Jake,
      According to XLGames, there is no need to get the Ayanad Summer Sword if you want an Erenor sword. Since it goes back to the basic grade and has no stats when made (other than pdef/mdef), I think XLGames wanted to make it easier on everyone by allowing any divine Ayanad be upgradable 🙂

      Right now in an event in Korea, they’re awarding the person with the highest number of hostile faction kills/pvp honor points with a crate that contains one random Divine Ayanad weapon, so that also supports you don’t need the upgradable prefix for Erenor 🙂


    • Percy says:

      Divine Magic Attack of Erenor Staff: 809
      Legendary Magic Attack of Ayanad Staff: 844

      Yes, it is. However, Erenor can be upgraded to Epic, and then it will be 917 Magic Attack. If you try to make the Ayanad Mythic, it will be less than Erenor at Epic (Mythic Ayanad Staff = 889 M.ATK).


  2. Pariah says:

    So I assume the Set effect of every Erenor Armor set will be determined by what Eclipse Stone you choose? Is there more information available about what all the various Ipni Eclipse stones will do?

    I am planning on investing into a Erenor “Wave” cloth set and I’d like to see if the bonuses will be worth it in the end. I’m hyped for 3.5, thank you for your awesome work!


  3. Rydell Hall says:

    Awesome write-up! For those of us trying to figure out what the most efficient and cheap way would be to prepare “regrading/synthesizing” of the Erenor gear once we have it, any suggestions? Stuff that drops from crates in open world I think you said is a definite no. So dungeons and raid bosses are a definite option. Which means those have a special way of regrading (using various materials dropped from said dungeon?) and would need to be the same grade level as the Erenor item. Some of them have a max of arcane. I would imagine crafted items also qualify – which when your Erenor item get’s to Divine (where the same equivalent graded item would be required to contribute to it’s next grade) would make that also almost impossible. Any idea where we can grab armor that’s more easily regradable and qualifies?


    • rydellhall says:

      Also, trying to clarify… you said possibly the best part is regrade scrolls etc will NOT be needed to get the Erenor gear to the next level. Well, don’t you need to regrade the gear it takes to send it to the next grade? So we’re effectively needing to regrade an item to at least the same grade in order to “regrade” Erenor just once. Not to mention it will probably take multiples of that grade if it’s anything like synthesizing. I see A LOT more regrading in our future.


  4. Invel says:

    Can erenor weapons break? Also , i didnt quite understand the synthesis part. if i want to make epic erenor i can use ANY epic item? like Epic Illustrious / Obsidian or anyother epic item. Does difference in Item give more EXP?


    • Percy says:

      Since Erenor does not regrade by traditional methods, it cannot break unless you toss it out of your inventory (which would be horribly tragic).

      Synthesis for Erenor works with the equipment slot for the item you are using. For example, if you have a two handed weapon, you use another two-handed weapon of the same grade that can be used in synthesis. Bows use bows, instruments use instruments, 1h weapons use 1h weapons etc.

      For armor pieces, you just need to match the Erenor armor piece to the correct slot. So say if you have a plate Erenor chestpiece, you can use ANY (yes, including cloth and leather as well as plate) chest piece to level it up.

      You also need to match the grade of the fodder equipment to the one of the Erenor gear. Basic grade weapons are very easy to obtain, so a Basic-grade Erenor only uses basic-grade weapons. Eventually, you’ll need to be using celestial-grade equipment to feed your Erenor equipment, and from their the cost to do synthesis skyrockets since Divines will tremendously increase the cost for “regrading” the Erenor item.

      The EXP gained is proportionate to the Item Level of the equipment (credits to /u/DietFanta // Mark). So stuff like T5-T7 Obsidian, as well as Delphinads/Ayanads, will provide more EXP than something like an Illustrious weapon or something from PC/SM. Also note that with the new regrade rates in 3.5, Obsidian weapons are in the “Difficult” category of weapons (lower regrade success rate), thus making them have an EXP bonus (just for the fact that they’re harder to regrade). Dungeon weapons will probably fall in the “Easy” category, making them easier to regrade but providing less EXP than crafted/Obsidian weapons.

      Weapon grade does not matter. If you only have a Rare Erenor item, you can’t use the Epic weapon on it since it must match the grade.


  5. lolplayer says:

    hi just curious, if i have an epic ayanad now, and i use it to make erenor, it will also still become basic? and i have to level it from scratch?
    another question would be, if i want to make it to erenor Epic weap, i need to “feed” the divine erenor weapon, divine related weapon for it to lvl up?


    • Percy says:

      Yes, it will become basic. You then have to gather fodder equipment to feed it to that.

      If you want to make your Erenor weapon epic, you will need to feed your Divine Erenor with other Divine weapons that belong to the same slot (like, if you have a sword, you have to use any one-handed weapon to level it up).

      Note that it is costly. Expect to spend over 200K on getting it to Celestial/Divine (grade won’t affect the weapon. The item level will)

      Liked by 1 person

  6. lolplayer says:

    sorry just to ask another question.

    If i got epic ayanad weapon now, i Sealed it up, can i re-open it and choose the stats i want for my epic ayanad weapon? and the weapon will stays epic?

    Like for example, i got Epic wave longspear. I sealed it up. can i reopen it to, Epic Gale longspear?


  7. Josias says:

    Important question, If I have one divine ayanad weapon and pass this for erernor I can get epic or high just synthesing? Or this item will be synthensed just at Divine too?


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