[ArcheAge 3.5] Preview of Skills with Attributes

Small, minor post but this may help to determine what the skills’ attribute effects will be. Already mentioned by Jake Song (one of ArcheAge’s developers), Flame attributes are to maximize damage, and Mist attributes are more for CCs and some changes to buffs/debuffs. (Source: Inven KR|ArcheAge)

XLGames has published a post that shows what skills will have the option to have attributes and some changes in skills. (Note that these changes may not completely be reflected in our version, and that there may be some differences.)

This post will also show how the attribute has changed the skill’s effects, as seen in this post. Battlerage has both attributes for Precision Strike shown, as it was shown in the post just linked.


The three skills chosen to have alternate modes (attributes) are Triple Strike, Precision Strike, and Tiger Strike.

Triple Strike will have Quake and Lightning attributes. Precision Strike will have Squall and Wave attributes. Tiger Strike will have Lightning and Life attributes.

Precision Strike Squall Attribute: If you kill the target with the Squall attribute of Precision Strike, it is instantly reusable. (Nice for finishing off enemies that are weakened a lot already?)

Precision Strike Wave Attribute: Instead of backstabbing increasing Critical Rate, if the target’s health is under 30% of their maximum, it increases the Critical Rate by 34%.


The three skills chosen to have alternate modes are Earthern Grip, Bubble Trap, and Banshee Wail.

Earthern Grip will have Quake and Lightning attributes. Bubble Trap will have Mist and Squall attributes. Banshee Wail will have Stone and Mist attributes.

Banshee Wail Stone Attribute: Enemies within 5 meters are Feared for 6 seconds and Stunned for 2 seconds afterwards. It seems like the Fear and Stun are imposed, no matter if there are any immunity effects. (Might bypass skills like Courageous Action?)


Skills chosen to have alternate modes are Shield Slam, Redoubt, and Imprison.

Shield Slam will have Quake and Squall attributes. Redoubt will have Life and Squall attributes. Imprison will have Wave and Mist attributes.

Imprison Wave Attribute: This acts like a one way door; you can enter the Imprison area, but you cannot go out. (You basically can trap unwary people as they can walk into the Imprison area.)


Skills chosen to have alternate modes are Thwart, Conversion Shield, and Protective Wings.

Thwart will have Stone and Mist attributes. Conversion Shield will have Flame and Mist attributes. Protective Wings will have Flame and Mist attributes.

Protective Wings Mist Attibute: Protects your allies within a 5 meter radius from magic damage, while being able to attack/cast spells. (Not a channeled skill with the mist attribute; no longer need to sacrifice heals/DPS with the mist attribute!) EDIT: As seen in the video, a person casts Protective Wings. It is a channeled skill, with a range of 20 meters. You target a person, and the 6 meter radius around that person is protected from magic damage. (If Twilight was still in Vitalism… You could hide the people casting Protective Wings… Maybe that’s why it was removed, haha)


Skills chosen to have alternate modes are Mana Stars, Hell Spear, and Summon Wraith.

Mana Stars will have Quake and Wave attributes. Hell Spear will have Flame and Mist attributes. Summon Wraith will have Wave and Mist attributes.

Summon Wraith Wave Attribute: Has reduced effects of the regular Summon Wraith, however, you are allowed to move. (This is a change from the regular version. The regular one you have to stay in place, or the Curses are cancelled. Maybe you can run into a raid of people and Curse them?)


Skills chosen to have alternate modes are Charged Bolt, Concussive Arrow, and Missile Rain.

Charged Bolt will have Flame and Squall attributes. Concussive Arrow will have Flame and Mist attributes. Missile Rain will also have Flame and Mist attributes.

Charged Bolt Squall Attribute: Damage is reduced with the Squall attribute, however it can be used frequently. (Lower damage, but more arrows you can fire!)


Skills chosen to have alternate modes are Flamebolt, Chain Lightning, and Meteor Strike.

Flamebolt will have Flame and and Lightning attributes. Chain Lightning will have Flame and Wave attributes. Meteor Strike will have Wave and Lightning attributes.

Flamebolt Lightning Attribute: Instead of inflicting +12% damage on Frozen targets, you inflict +12% damage on Electric Shock targets. This works well, since the skill itself grants the Electric Shock debuff.


Skills chosen to have alternate modes are Overwhelm, Drop Back and Shadowsmite.

Overwhelm will have Flame and Lightning attributes. Drop Back will have Wave and Mist attributes. Shadowsmite will have Mist and Lightning attributes.

Shadowsmite Lightning Attribute: If you are within 6 meters of the target, you instantly teleport behind them and stab them. As usual, additional damage is added with the product of how much Bloothirst you have and the Bloodthirst multiplier.


Skills chosen to have alternate modes are Startling Strain, Healing Hymn, and Alarm Call.

Startling Strain will have Life and Wave attributes. Healing Hymn will have Stone and Wave attributes. Alarm Call will have Life and Stone attributes.

Startling Strain Life Attribute: You or a friendly target get a 30% boost of whatever Performance song you are playing. Your cast time is reduced by 20% for five seconds.


Skills chosen to have alternate modes are Antithesis, Skewer and Fervent Healing.

Antithesis will have Life and Quake attributes. Skewer will have Flame and Life attributes. Fervent Healing will have Flame and Lightning Attributes.

Antithesis Quake Attribute: Has slightly reduced healing, but allies (or is it just party/raid members?) within 6 meters are healed.

We will learn more about these skills as more information is released. These attributes seem like an exciting feature to be welcomed into the combat system, and we can see how combat will change with these additions.

Not all attribute skills are shown, as XLGames has not released information on them yet. They are currently doing a little contest for players to predict how the attributes will affect the skills! You can see that contest post here.


9 thoughts on “[ArcheAge 3.5] Preview of Skills with Attributes

  1. Ainz says:

    As a healer, I don’t know if this antithesis change is good or not really. AA healers were lack of more aoe heals but lowering our main healing power by %120 to make a mass heal on the targeted person and its 6m area to heal others is realy bad. Why ? Because of this, let me give you an example.

    I have 1000 healing power without any buffs as a healer with a divine 1h ayanad club with nice healing gear, shortly I am an end game healer right now. %320 healing power means, your minimum heal without combo or crit heals will be 4200 heals but this heal amount to heal a group of end game players whom hp amounts are minimum 25k hp right now at legacy servers and if you count the damage output of these +6k or +7k gear score players against other yhis heal amount is a joke but it might only be good at pve. To use combo of antithesis on every single players to heal them with this group heal changes is almost impossible… Instead of that skewer skill attribute, XLGAMES would make changes of resurgence skill as this new antithesis attribute feature to automatically give resurgence to others within 6meter range. Otherwise, it is too hard to resurgence the every single person in the group or in the raid to make the healing combo to give more heals to your friendly target. I even don’t mention that to use mirror light combo for more heal in a group healing, it is single target to give more healing. Holy bolt the new skill they gave us is a joke, as an end game healer I never use it in pvp ( pvp damage is a joke on end game players already ) and even at pve it is not so useful coz you need mirror light for a single thing to get a little more damage… For skewer skill, sometimes I use it but not so much coz we focus on healing much more and skewer eats lots of mana too ( after 3.0 patch, mana started to be very problematic for healers that is more than other classes ).

    I don’t know what thy bring for Fervent healing and skewer vitalism attribute skills but if antithesis is like this I even don’t want to thing what kind of less effective skills thy will give for healers… I look at other skill trees’ new attribute skills and they seem much better than vitalism for sure realy which cloth user healers will be wipe out in half seconds now ( even now, the darkruuners are kill us with a few clicks and other dps classes are same too whom are +6k, +6.5k, +7k tear score players on legacy servers with realy nice weapon and armor with fully gemmed with best ones right now ). Shortly, comparing to other skill attribute features, healers didn’t get a useful things at this patch too again, a huge impact for cloth user healers again.


  2. Percy says:

    One of the perks about attributes is that they can be changed quickly and easily. Before battle, one can change the attribute to its normal mode or one of the two attributes it is. (As mentioned in XLGames most recent video).

    Seeing how the Life attribute affected Startling Strain, Life looks like it buffs or heals a great amount on the target(s). Although the following is unconfirmed, one can predict how the attributes will affect the skill. Antithesis has Life and Quake properties, so perhaps Life will enhance healing, and Quake allows AoE heals. Skewer has Flame and Life attributes; Flame could be to maximize damage from Skewer, while Life could possibly heal of buff allies within the skill’s range. Fervent Healing has Flame and Lightning attributes. Lightning seems to be more for speed and movement, so Fervent Healing could instantly heal, instead of having the short time it takes for the heal to travel. Maybe this is good, since just a few seconds could mean life or death for someone. Flame Fervent Healing could be to maximize healing (as Flame maximizes damage or output), or could be used offensively. Not sure.

    I personally love playing as a healer but I feel helpless when doing PvP. I don’t have a good healing weapon but I do agree with you; Vitalism needs to be looked at and buffed. If Resurgence was a skill with an attribute, maybe it could have been Quake, and replace Antithesis or Skewer, and as you said, do an instant AoE HoT. Or if Antithesis was has the Squall attribute, and followed how Charged Bolt [Squall] works, it would be nice to have very short to no cooldown (with a very minor decrease on the healing power coefficient, so it wouldn’t too strong) on Antithesis to heal quickly (so Fervent Healing wouldn’t be the only skill to do quick heals).

    I want Vitalism to be buffed because I think it’s such a wonderful skillset and it has lots of potential. I’d gladly switch to being a healer, if it gets better. I agree with you; healers devote to getting good healing weapons and armor, only not being able to utilize its maximum potential which can only be achieved if Vitalism is buffed.

    Maybe we’ll see if there’s some rebalancing of the skills and see if Vitalism is buffed or the other skillsets are debuffed. I’ll check XLGames’ ArcheAge site when they put up the patch notes and look for their skill balancing information 🙂


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