[ArcheAge 3.5] – Crafting Erenor Gear

3.5 has been released in Korea, and now I can bring in more information for specifics, with collaboration of others.

Today, we will be taking a look at the new Erenor gear crafting method. Let me say this now: It’s not cheap.

Erenor armor in 3.5 will be the top-tier gear in the game, but with a great power comes great costs, which will be illustrated below.

Materials You Need

Let’s take a look at the items needed to craft this weapon below:


Image from KR Wiki

You can see that you need 180,000 proficiency to craft your weapon in, in the respective vocation. This longspear (or shortspear?) needs:

  • A Divine Sealed Ayanad Weapon (must match the Erenor weapon you are making)
  • Varying but large sums of Archeum Essences. (At least 60ish. Hoard as many as you can.)
  • A scroll of Ipnya’s (or Erenor’s) Favor, a special item obtained only by doing quests in Whale Song and Candlestick Strait. Maybe they’re like scraps, not completely sure.
  • Blazing Sunridge Ingots/Fabric/Lumber/Leather, amount varies with the armor piece and weapon. ($$$)
  • Large amounts of Archeum Ingots, or T3 alchemy polishes/pigments/oils

This will be quite costly. If these materials make it to our version, I recommend stocking up a little on crafting materials, since the prices are bound to rise with Erenor gear being released.

Also note the crafting fee. And the huge labor cost.

To craft Erenor, you will need a Sealed Ayanad. Ayanads that you’ve purchased/unsealed can be resealed, probably by using a Salvage Forge furniture, and a special item. This special item is this contraption:

1-18-2017 10-38-38 PM.png

Tooltip of the item.


Materials needed: Min. 5k machining, 50 LP, 4 Sturdy Ingots, 20 Earthmana Leaves

Another side note: The scroll items are crafted at a special workbench in Candlestick Strait. Items needed for the scrolls are found from mobs in Candlestick Strait and Whale Song. They seem to also be obtainable from quests.


The special workbench.


The kinds of scrolls craftable. Note that the red one is for weapons, blue is for armor, and green is for accessories.

The instructions for crafting Erenor are not too difficult. Gathering the materials and gold to craft one is a different thing. I recommend making a deal with someone with a high enough proficiency to craft Erenor gear so you do not have to level the skill yourself.

On the next post, we will see a detailed version of this post for the crafting materials of the Erenor gear. Then, we will see the process of leveling Erenor up, as well as the new “Primordial” grade. After that short post, I will complete my write up on the attribute skills. I plan to write about the new zones after the attribute post, then a rough translation of the Korean patch notes for 3.5.

(If you’d like to help me with translations, you may comment below c:)

Before you go, you can view this gallery of Erenor gear below.

Armor Gallery:

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Weapon Gallery:

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22 thoughts on “[ArcheAge 3.5] – Crafting Erenor Gear

  1. BillyCool says:

    Crafting now requires the sealed items to be of a specific grade, eg Ayanad required a Celestial Sealed Delphinad.
    Do sealed items rank up in grades naturally as we craft, or do we have to unseal, regrade, reseal, craft up and repeat?


    • Percy says:

      Korean patch notes state that once you craft an item, it returns to the basic grade. So, if you’re crafting a Delphinad, you need the Heroic Epherium item, and the Delphinad item returns to the Basic grade.

      Not sure why they decided to do that :/

      We’ll probably need to do that unseal>regrade>reseal thing just to get it to the appropriate level. However, the item used for resealing can be used on an craft weapon/armor, so it’s a bit easier then.


      • BillyCool says:

        Thanks for the answer πŸ™‚ Are you 100% sure this applies to all crafted armor and not just Erenor specifically?

        Also, any idea if existing items wotk in the new system? For example, would a current divine ayanad be resealable in 3.5?


        • Percy says:

          This applies to all gear Illustrious+. There’s a little table on the patch notes that shows this info.

          Resealing items retain their grade though, so that is ok πŸ™‚


          • BillyCool says:

            Erenor suddendly became a lot more expensive haha.

            Anyway, thanks for the info, if you get anything on weather existing items will work with the 3.5 system let us know πŸ˜€


  2. Sundial says:

    Hi Percy, I know Ayanad does not have requirement to be a specific proc (ie Ocean, Summer, etc) to be crafted into Erenor, does this new sealed system also apply to magnificent, epherium, and delphinad items? Or is equipment crafting still heavily gated behind RNG unseal procs?


    • Percy says:

      Hello Sundial,

      All crafted weapons that are Illustrious and higher need the Sealed Weapon or Armor required. Depending on the tier of the Weapon or Armor, the required grade (ex. an Ayanad needs a Celestial Sealed Delphinad) is different.

      There is an item that can be easily crafted to reseal a Weapon or Armor. I am not sure if they can be used on every crafted Weapon/Armor (but it does exclude Obsidian or bound weapons).

      I hope this helps πŸ™‚


      • Sundial says:

        So as simple as possible, I no longer need an Illustrious Summer Sword to craft a Sealed Magnificent Sword, just a Sealed Illustrious Sword of the appropriate grade?

        Here is how I am picturing the process:

        Craft Sealed Illustrious Weapon
        Regrade the weapon to required grade for Magnificent (Looks like Arcane)
        Craft into Magnificent Illustrious Weapon

        Does this sound correct you?


        • Percy says:

          That seems to be correct.
          From the table posted in the patch notes, it works like this:

          • Illustrious: 1 Rare (or higher) Sealed Conquerors Gear
          • Magnificent: 1 Arcane (or higher) Sealed Illustrious Gear
          • Epherium: 1 Heroic (or higher) Sealed Magnificent Gear
          • Delphinad: 1 Unique (or higher) Sealed Epherium Gear
          • Ayanad: 1 Celestial (or higher) Sealed Delphinad Gear

          They return to the Basic grade by default, requiring you to regrade them to make them suitable for using in the next tier, and then resealing it.


          • Sundial says:

            Thank you πŸ™‚

            It seems like it will finally be viable to craft your own set of non obsidian gear and upgrade it come 3.5… this was always my dream for crafting in ArcheAge. The result being random made it feel more like gambling than crafting before!


  3. Vax says:

    Hey Percy, Thank you for these. Any info on what is required to upgrade an Ayanad Warrior Cloak to Erenor? I’ve seen screenshots on the KR patch notes but no translation =(


    • Percy says:

      Unfortunately no 😦 I think it was designed more for people to choose their preferred prefix/attribute of a piece of equipment rather than resealing items. (Sealed items mean that the attributes are hidden until unwrapped. Obsidian is just BoE so the item will unSEAL, but not unBIND).


  4. Keyl says:

    Is it possible to reseal an item, open it back up, and choose which type you want?
    Example: Celestial Ayanad Meteor Nodachi reseal it, then choose Celestial Ayanad Lightning Nodachi?


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