[ArcheAge 3.5] Full List of Attribute Skills

As seen in the previous post, there are certain skills in each skill tree that have an attribute. The attribute affects what the skill does.

These attributes are:

  • Flame
  • Life
  • Stone
  • Squall
  • Wave
  • Lightning
  • Quake
  • Mist

When 3.5 arrives, players can view the Skills window and open up the tab that has the list of skills and attributes.

Let’s begin!

Note: This is all based on observations and speculation from information translated in Korean. These should not be taken as the official source, as it is bound to have several mistakes.

Although I try to provide accurate information,  I cannot always provide the correct translation of the information. However, if you feel that there is a mistake, please comment, and we can collaborate together to figure out the best translation.

Note that you cannot obtain all of these skills at once.

Much like leveling from level 50-55, you must also level from Successor Level I to Level VII. Each time you complete a  level, you are awarded a skill point, for a grand total of 7. I listed the skills in a certain order. This order shows when you are able to pick an attribute for the skill. First skill listed will be at S.I; the second S.III; the third S.VII.

Main Offense/Support Skillsets


Triple Strike, Precision Strike and Tiger Strike were chosen to have alternate attributes.

  • lightning-triple-strikeTriple Strike [Lightning]: Much faster than the normal Triple Strike, however, it will only hit one target instead of the area in front of you.
  • quake-triple-strikeTriple Strike [Quake]: Attacks enemies within a 3m radius around the target and gives them the three hits like the normal Triple Strike.
  • squall-precision-strikePrecision Strike [Squall]: If you kill the enemy with the Squall attribute enabled, the skill is automatically reusable.
  • wave-precision-strikePrecision Strike [Wave]: If the enemy has 30% or lower HP, the attack increases its critical rate by 34%. Note that backstab critical rates are removed, since the Wave attribute is in effect.
  • life-tiger-strikeTiger Strike [Life]: Much like normal Tiger Strike, but you are immune to any debuff effects while attacking.
  • lightning-tiger-strikeTiger Strike [Lightning]: Swiftly attacks one target three times in a row. It deals about the same amount of damage in a row. For example, if it deals ~2000 damage, you will deal ~6000 damage to the target.

Antithesis, Skewer and Fervent Healing were chosen to have alternate attributes.

  • quake-antithesisAntithesis [Quake]: A sacred light instantly heals allies nearby you, and damages enemies nearby you.
  • life-antithesisAntithesis [Life]: Instantly does a great heal on yourself or ally, but the Life attribute inhibits it to be used on enemies.
    • EDIT: It is not instant. My mistake. The range is 30m as well. (by Gamemako|Forums)
  • flame-skewerSkewer [Flame]: Decreased damage coefficient, but you can use the skill up to three times in a row before it’s on cooldown. It still does Impale people.
  • life-skewerSkewer [Life]: Enemies trapped within the Skewer area are unable to move for a few seconds, and allies within the Skewer area have some of their health restored.
    • EDIT: Skewer [Life] does not seem to do as much damage as the normal Skewer. It casts instantly. (by Gamemako|Forums)
  • flame-fervent-healingFervent Healing [Flame]: Does a big heal on a target. It has a cast bar, and depending on how long you let it cast, it will heal more.
    • EDIT: To break this down – it has a cast time of a couple seconds, then has a cast bar which displays how much you can heal within each interval. More healing = higher mana cost. (by Gamemako|Forums)
  • lightning-fervent-healingFervent Healing [Lightning]: Instantly does a heal on yourself or an ally, and each time it is used in succession, the heal amount increases 50%.
    • EDIT: It seems to be the mana cost that increases when you use the skill. (by Gamemako|Forums)

Charged Bolt, Missile Rain and Concussive Arrow were chosen to have alternate attributes.

  • flame-charged-boltCharged Bolt [Flame]: Like the normal Charged Bolt, but if an enemy is within 8m of you, Charged Bolt does 20% more damage. However, the Flame attribute decreases its range by 6m.
  • squall-charged-boltCharged Bolt [Squall]: Less damage output than the normal Charged Bolt, but you can fire Charged Bolt frequently with the Squall attribute.
  • flame-concussive-arrowConcussive Arrow [Flame]: Huge increase to damage coefficient (it’s +1200% ranged attack !!!). However, it has a 4 second cast time. Your cast speed also affects how much damage you deal.
  • mist-concussive-arrowConcussive Arrow [Mist]: Due to the firepower of the bow, the caster moves back 8m (or the enemies move 8m back?) It is also instantly cast.
  • flame-missile-rainMissile Rain [Flame]: Much like the normal Missile Rain, however, the damage coefficient is increased, but the maximum range will be shorter (max 30m) and the area attacked will be smaller (4m instead of 7m). Takes a bit longer to cast.
  • mist-missile-rainMissile Rain [Mist]: Shoots 6 arrows at a time, and does this 10 times, all within 2 seconds. Lowered damage, but if the enemies are within 8m in front of you, the arrows will shove them back.

Flamebolt, Chain Lightning, and Meteor Strike were chosen to have alternate attributes.

  • fire-flameboltFlamebolt [Flame]: Throws a ball of fire at the enemy. Its damage coefficient is heightened. It has a slightly longer cast time than the regular Flamebolt, but can be used in succession.
  • lightning-flameboltFlamebolt [Lightning]: Throws a ball of static at the enemy, and can be done three times in succession. Its damage is lower than any other Flamebolt skill, but causes Electric Shock in the enemy. The third attack restores your health by 20% of the damage dealt. Enemies under the Electric Shock debuff receive 12% more damage.
  • fire-chain-lightningChain Lightning [Flame]: Similar to the normal Chain Lightning, except it causes target to Burn. The effect is transferred to other enemies if they are within 5m of the target. The fire travels up to 4 times, and increases their power by 25% each time. It also deals +30% more damage on Frozen targets.
  • wave-chain-lightningChain Lightning [Wave]: Throws ice at a target, and those ice shards splinter and hurt enemies nearby the target. Those that are damaged are Snared and Frozen.
    • EDIT: The term “Frozen” means “Chilled“. This means you can attack with Freezing Arrow to cause Deep Freeze.
  • wave-meteor-strikeMeteor Strike [Wave]: Significantly decreases the damage coefficient, but the caster sends down a storm of hail to a selected area that has a radius of 10m. Enemies hit more than 6 times by the hail are in a Deep Freeze state.
  • lightning-meteor-strikeMeteor Strike [Lightning]: Sends down bolts of lightning to an area and deals damage. Enemies within the radius of the impact are under the Electric Shock Debuff and are Slowed. This skill has no cast time.

Side Skillsets


Overwhelm, Drop Back and Shadowsmite were chosen to have alternate attributes.

  • fire-overwhelmOverwhelm [Flame]: Successfully backstabbing an enemy will increase critical rates, including healing critical rates, by 100%. Has a long cooldown to follow.
  • lightning-overwhelmOverwhelm [Lightning]: Pounces onto the target to attack it, and jumps back afterwards. However, its maximum range is 6m.
  • wave-drop-backDrop Back [Wave]: Like the regular Drop Back, but it seems to be able to be able to instantly cast Mend or Critical Discord.
  • mist-drop-backDrop Back [Mist]: Unlike the normal Drop Back, you jump forward instead of backwards. The same skills that can be used instantly in the normal Drop Back skill can also be used here.
  • lightning-shadowsmiteShadowsmite [Lightning]: Allows you to instantly teleport and backstab an enemy that’s up to 6m away. Successfully backstabbing the enemy deals 400% of your melee attack.
  • mist-shadowsmiteShadowsmite [Mist]: Targets an enemy and throws a knife at them. Enemies are Shackled, unable to deal Melee or Ranged damage. Damage increases with the amount of Bloodthirst stacked. Successfully backstabbing the enemy deals 400% of your melee attack. The Mist attribute seems to not grant stuns.

Thwart, Conversion Shield and Protective Wings were chosen to have alternate attributes.

  • stone-thwartThwart [Stone]: Increases received damage of nearby enemies. This debuff lasts for 5 seconds.
  • mist-thwartThwart [Mist]: Grants one stack of Inspire to nearby allies, but does not cause any enemies nearby to have the Shaken debuff.
  • fire-spellshieldSpellshield [Flame]: Reflects 32% of Magical Damage back to the enemy for 5 seconds, and reduces healing by 32%.
  • mist-spellshieldSpellshield [Mist]: Casts a Spellshield on you or your ally that’s within 20m, and reduces received Magical Damage and decreases Healing for 8 seconds.
  • fire-protective-wingsProtective Wings [Flame]: The caster channels the skill. Any ally within 20m of the caster is buffed. The buff is intermittent and turns on and off, every half-second. The buff causes the ally to reduce incoming Magic Damage by 29% and reflect 70% of the received Magic Damage.
  • mist-protective-wingsProtective Wings [Mist]: The caster channels the skill onto an ally, up to 20 meters away. This causes a shield that is 5m in radius around the ally, and grants immunity to Magic Damage.

Earthen Grip, Bubble Trap and Banshee Wail were chosen to have alternate attributes.

  • quake-earthen-gripEarthen Grip [Quake]: Much like the normal Earthen Grip, however, any enemy within 8m of you is trapped within the Earthen Grip.
  • mist-earthen-gripEarthen Grip [Lightning]: You can trap someone within the Earthen Grip faster with the Lightning Attribute, but the range has decreased to 15m.
  • mist-bubble-trapBubble Trap [Mist]: A bubble engulfs an enemy for 15 seconds, and all enemies within 4m of the target are unable to do anything. The enemies that are unable to do anything are floating in the air for 9.4 seconds (50% reduction in PvP). The floating enemies have reduced received Magical Damage.
    • EDIT: In the video provided by the Korean player, the enemy pops out of the bubble eventually and is trapped once again if they land into the area that is affected with the trap. (by Gamemako|Forums)
  • squall-bubble-trapBubble Trap [Squall]: Shortened cooldown  (21 seconds), but the maximum range has been reduced to 12m.
  • mist-banshee-wailBanshee Wail [Mist]: The caster can summon a creature, and target a selected area up to 20m away. The creature instills fear within enemies within the 5m radius of it.
  • stone-banshee-wailBanshee Wail [Stone]: The caster can use the skill and instill fear within nearby enemies. Enemies feared have their movespeed decreased by 40%, but the skill does not stun them.

Shield Slam, Redoubt and Imprison were chosen to have alternate attributes.

  • quake-shield-slamShield Slam [Quake]: Much like the normal Shield Slam, but it is not single target. Enemies within 6m of you are hit by the Shield Slam. The cooldown increases from this.
  • squall-shield-slamShield Slam [Squall]: Like the regular Shield Slam. Shorter cooldown, but reduced damage and no Stun debuff.
  • life-redoubtRedoubt [Life]: Increases Physical Defense by 40% and decreases movespeed by 10% for 20 seconds.
  • squall-redoubtRedoubt [Squall]: Like normal Redoubt, but only lasts for 6 seconds. However, the cooldown is reduced because of that (cooldown is 18 seconds).
  • wave-imprisonImprison [Wave]: Allies and enemies can walk into the barrier formed around the caster, but may not walk out during the duration.
  • mist-imprisonImprison [Mist]: Allies and enemies cannot walk into the barrier formed around the caster during the duration of the Imprisonment.

Mana Stars, Hell Spear and Summon Wraith were chosen to have alternate attributes.

  • quake-mana-starsMana Stars [Quake]: Deals damage to all enemies within 6m of the target, and causes the Fetter debuff. However, the range from you to to target can only be a maximum of 8m.
  • wave-mana-starsMana Stars [Wave]: Every Mana Star increases movement speed by 2%, and can stack up to 20%.
  • fire-hell-spearHell Spear [Flame]: After two seconds casting, spears shoot from the ground and Impale enemies for 2.6 seconds. The damage coefficient has been increased for the Flame attribute.
  • mist-hellspearHell Spear [Mist]: Attacks a single target within 15m from you. The damage coefficient has been lowered, but deals damage for 2.6 seconds.
  • mist-summon-wraithSummon Wraith [Mist]: Within an area around you, you deal magic damage instantly and curse nearby enemies. Some curses are not inflicted with this attribute.
  • wave-summon-wraithSummon Wraith [Wave]: Within an area around you, you deal magic damage over time and curse nearby enemies. You can move around when the Wave attribute is enabled, but the effects of the curses will not be as great as they are when you are standing still.

Startling Strain, Healing Hymn and Alarm Call were chosen to have alternate attributes.

  • life-startling-strainStartling Strain [Life]: You, or a targeted ally, will receive a buff. This buff lasts for 28 seconds, and increases effects of Songcraft songs by 30%.
  • wave-startling-strainStartling Strain [Wave]: A target will be struck by Startling Strain, but not stunned. The charm lasts for 24 seconds (and the cooldown is 24 seconds!) This is useful for people who do not want the Charm debuff to be countered by a stun counter.
  • stone-healing-hymnHealing Hymn [Stone]: Instead of healing, the caster can target an enemy and cause them to be Charmed. The Charm debuff bounces off onto other people nearby, affecting them as well. The debuff lasts for 8 seconds.
  • wave-healing-hymnHealing Hymn [Wave]: Instead of restoring HP, the caster restores mana, and like the normal Healing Hymn, it bounces off and affects other nearby allies.
  • life-alarm-callAlarm Call [Life]: Every 3 seconds for 15 seconds, one debuff on allies within 9m is removed.
  • stone-alarm-callAlarm Call [Stone]: Enemies within 9m are put to sleep for 9 seconds.

In total, we have 60 different attribute skills that you can pick from.

I know that this list isn’t the best one out there since some descriptions are vague, but if you know anything more specific, I’ll edit the post to reflect those, and credit you.

If you are a visual person, then (as recommended by Xearion in Discord chat), you can view this KR player’s video of him using all of the skills. Some skills don’t show the full effect, as some are AoE skills. But this helps you get a general idea of what you can do with the attribute skills.

You can also view XLGames’ video of selected skills, shown in their ideal situations:

I’ll be posting more about the “Primordial” grade tomorrow. Keep an eye out!


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    • TrU says:

      If you think archery skill got worse, you’re not a very good archer. Lol we just got 2 (4 if you’re prime ) gap creators with this patch.


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