[ArcheAge 3.5] – “Primordial” Grade and Regrade Adjustments

As some may already know, the grade higher than Mythic, translated into “Arche” or

primordial grade.png


“Primordial”, has been released in the 3.5 update. This grade is characterized by a blue and purple border, and seems to be the final grade a weapon can have, for now.

Additionally, regrade rates have been changed. Most of them have increased.

01In this picture, you can see how the new “Primordial” gear looks like. It has a lilac-colored name, and highest tier, as seen in the graphic on the left.

The effects of Primordial armor buffs are unknown at the moment.








Regrade rates have changed as well. The following tables will show the reflected regrade changes.

The first table has regrade rates shown for “Easy”, “Normal” and “Difficult” gear (weapons/armor/accessories).

  • “Easy” gear is obtained from lower level dungeons, and items like Lost Garden weapons and Hasla Weapons.
  • “Normal” gear is pretty much most of the gear, excluding the gear in “Easy” and “Difficult”. Includes crafted and mob drop gear.
  • “Difficult” gear is comprised of Obsidian gear and Raid Boss drops.

This is for the rate of achieving a successful regrade on that specific grade, so if you were regrading an Celestial Obsidian Katana, and had wishes to regrade it to a higher grade like Divine or Epic, you would have a 19.5% change for that to happen.

GrandRare  100%  100%  100%
Rare → Arcane  100%  100%  100%
Arcane → Heroic  67.5%  50%  32.5%
Heroic → Unique  67.5%  50%  32.5%
Unique Celestial  47.3%  35%  22.8%
Celestial → Divine  40.5%  30%  19.5%
Divine → Epic  13.5%  10%  6.5%
Epic → Legendary  10.8%  8%  5.2%
Legendary → Mythic  4.1%  3%  2%
Mythic → “Primordial”  2.7%  2%  1.3%

This other table shows the rates for the chance for a successful regrade at each grade, for ship components and pet armor.

GrandRare  100%
Rare → Arcane  60%
Arcane → Heroic  60%
Heroic → Unique  60%
Unique → Celestial  50%
Celestial → Divine 50%
Divine → Epic  40%
Epic → Legendary  35%
Legendary → Mythic  17.5%
Mythic → “Primordial” 8.8%

Do note that these altered rates may arrive in our version in a different rate. Also, note that these rates are not the chances at you will get a certain grade (that would be way too high!). These are the chances for success at each grade. Remember that you can alter the success rate by using Regrade Charms. 

With increased rates for success in regrades, there is now a higher gold fee to pay when regrading. Watch out for that!

And for those interested, the UI for regrading has changed slightly.

You can see that instead of arrows for Success, you see an actual percentage of your chance of regrading. Charms also add to chance for success percent, which can be seen once 3.5 arrives.

The video shows a KR player regrading a weapon, showing the UI, as well as how an Anchoring Emblem affects the regrade success rate.


10 thoughts on “[ArcheAge 3.5] – “Primordial” Grade and Regrade Adjustments

    • Percy says:

      Just linked a video showing a player regrading something at the bottom off this post.

      They were regrading what looked like the Kraken staff (“difficult” weapon) with a resplendent scroll. The UI displayed “19.5%” under the success rate area, which matches the table of success rates on the KR patch notes. So I assume not, but I’m not completely sure.


  1. Jalapeno Bagel says:

    Now these are really interesting changes, if I’m interpreting them correctly. With the regrade chances being separated into distinct groupings like that, it injects a bit more variety into gearing progression. Since currently, I think all the gear have the same regrade chances (?), there’s really no point in regrading lesser gear, but these changes allow lesser gear to stay relevant a bit longer with gear that’s more difficult to regrade. And that in itself makes these gear avenues more viable and gives players more reason to farm them instead of just skipping them entirely.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Percy says:

      Yes, these are some interesting changes 🙂
      Back in the post about Erenor gear and leveling them, I think these new regrade chances can also help level Erenor gear, since (if I read correctly) you can use pretty much any kind of weapon to use in Synthesis for Erenor (and any kind of armor for Synthesis in Erenor armor).


  2. Sinbad says:

    Hey Percy i have only one simply question that;

    I see that we are getting %40 chance from Celestial to Divine when regrading but there will be still break or downgrade chance for the Celestial item when Regrading? in 3.5?or it will be only Fail when you are fail? Thanks for the answer!


    • Percy says:

      Hello Sinbad!
      Yes, you have a 40% chance of getting a successful regrade on a piece of equipment (that’s of the “Easy” category). I’m sure there’s still a chance for the destruction or downgrade for it, however.


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