[ArcheAge 3.5] – Mana Wisps

Mentioned at the end of the last post, mana wisps are no longer regularly used in update 3.5. However, if you do have some in 3.5, you can exchange them for Illustrious to Ayanad sealed items.

This post will explain how to exchange wisps, and how many wisps you need to do that.

(Salvage Forges for homes no longer function. You can break them down into Thunderstruck Trees, keep it in your house as decoration, or vendor it… I don’t recommend selling it to a vendor though.)

how to exchange mana wisps

In Mirage Isle, you can visit a workbench (that looks like a Salvage Forge furniture item) to exchange your mana wisps for the Sealed Illustrious to Ayanad items you want. It is near the other token exchange workbenches in Mirage Isle (at the bottom of the stairs you teleport in onto).

A picture of what the salvage forge looks like.

Mirage Isle Salvage Forge

Note that by default, the Sealed items will be the Basic grade.

When you click on the workbench, click on the icon that is titled “Machining” (one with a picture of gears on them). This will take you to the screen you need to exchange wisps.

There then will be many drop down tabs for each weapon and armor piece. Click on the weapon or armor piece you want, and you then can select the item you want to craft the Sealed version of.

You do not need to start from Illustrious and work your way up. If you have enough mana wisps for one of the higher tiers, you can make it right then.

Labor Costs

Exchanging wisps for a Sealed item does cost labor. Labor costs are as followed:

  • Illustrious gear: 400 Labor Points
  • Magnificent gear: 500 Labor Points
  • Epherium gear: 650 Labor Points
  • Delphinad gear: 800 Labor Points
  • Ayanad gear: 1000 Labor Points

If you are worrying about the crafting fee, it is very small. All of them are less than 30 coppers.

There is no minimum proficiency requirement to do this. However, having higher Machining proficiency will decrease labor costs.

Wisp Exchange : Weapons + Instruments + Accessories

Weapons, Instruments, and Accessories all require the name number of wisps at each tier. Just make sure to use the correct wisp for the correct Sealed item!

A reminder:

  • One-handed weapons made in Weaponry (including shields) are using the One-Hander Metal Mana Wisps.
  • Two-handed weapons made in Weaponry are using the Two-Hander Metal Mana Wisps.
  • Weapons made in Carpentry use Wooden Mana Wisps.
  • Lutes and Flutes use Musical Mana Wisps.
  • Earrings and Rings use Small Jewelry Mana Wisps.
  • Necklaces use Large Jewelry Mana Wisps.

Tier # of Wisps
 Illustrious  3
 Magnificent  6
 Epherium  28
 Delphinad  168
 Ayanad  700

* Note that Ayanad gear requires the Ayanad scroll to craft.


Each armor piece (like head armor, leg armor, etc) requires the same amount of wisps, regardless if they’re cloth, metal, or leather, at a certain tier. There will be seven tables listed below for each armor piece (Head, Chest, Leg, Hand, Foot, Wrist, and Waist).

Note that Ayanad gear requires the Ayanad scroll to craft.

Head armor Wisp Table
Tier # of Wisps
 Illustrious  7
 Magnificent  15
 Epherium  69
 Delphinad  420
 Ayanad  1750

Tier # of Wisps
 Illustrious  12
 Magnificent  24
 Epherium  111
 Delphinad  672
 Ayanad  2800

Tier # of Wisps
 Illustrious  9
 Magnificent  18
 Epherium  83
 Delphinad  504
 Ayanad  2100

Tier # of Wisps
 Illustrious  7
 Magnificent  15
 Epherium  69
 Delphinad  420
 Ayanad  1750

Tier # of Wisps
 Illustrious  7
 Magnificent  15
 Epherium  69
 Delphinad  420
 Ayanad  1750

Tier # of Wisps
 Illustrious  4
 Magnificent  9
 Epherium  42
 Delphinad  252
 Ayanad 1050

Tier # of Wisps
 Illustrious  4
 Magnificent  9
 Epherium  42
 Delphinad  252
 Ayanad  1050

There is a special item that can reseal gear that has been unsealed.

It is this item. If there is a video of someone using it, I will post it.


14 thoughts on “[ArcheAge 3.5] – Mana Wisps

    • Percy says:

      Just learned that a few minutes ago X)

      They removed functionality from Salvage Forges that you place in home from the game. (can be broken down into TSTs)

      Should add that this requires no prof as well (on KR) when you use this workbench. (Though having high machining will bring down the cost)

      And that new item that reseals Illustrious-Ayanad stuff. I should put it here too.


  1. Sovorack - Kraken says:

    Thanks Percy for another great update about 3.5
    Just a few questions:
    1. To reseal an illustrious or a delphinad, the same item is used?
    2. What materials are used in that resealer?
    3. Does that mean that, in a way, you can seal/unseal gear until you have an upgradeable version?

    Keep up the good work o/


  2. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore - Kyrios NA says:

    Hi, Percy! I love your blog. It’s been really helpful for information on 3.5 and I’ve been providing links to my guild to keep them informed. I do have one question that I’m not sure of about the update. Do you know if they changed the standard crafting recipes for Illustrious-Ayanad gear?


  3. Josias says:

    Important question, If I have one divine ayanad weapon and pass this for erernor I can get epic or high just synthesing? Or this item will be synthensed just until the Divine?


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