[ArcheAge 3.5] – More on Erenor Gear

Hello everyone! I’ve gathered a bit more information regarding Erenor gear, so here’s the information for it.

How does it work?

A lot of people have asked what can be used for synthesizing Erenor gear. The system is quite easy, however.

It basically divides all gear into whichever slot they go to, so a helmet would need head armor to be synthesized. A greatclub would need any two-handed weapon.

What specific items can/can’t be used for synthesis?

I’ll take the easier route and tell what can not be used for synthesis since that list is shorter.

Kinds of items that cannot be used for synthesis are:

  • Temporary/Timed Equipment
  • “Honor’s” Equipment (like Honor’s Frenzied Nodachi, etc)
  • Lost Garden Weapons (woops, look like I interpreted it incorrectly in that other post)
  • Hellkissed Equipment
  • Pretty much any item that’s not in the 3.5 Equipment Encyclopedia, so that includes quest items, mob drops, etc. (Wow, I really messed up that interpretation haha)

Note that you can not synthesize Erenor equipment with other Erenor items. It doesn’t work like that.

Okay, How about the EXP requirement thing?

I stated before that you need equipment to level Erenor items, and that they have to be of the same grade to do so (you need Divines for a Divine Erenor, etc). We (Kurita, Darsy, Sparx and I) have came up with a hypothesis of how the leveling system works for Erenor items.

The following item is hypothetical. It is not confirmed. We think that it would be plausible, but, again, be a bit skeptical since we’re just thinking about what it could be.

Hypothesis : EXP is in proportion to gear score

This seems to be the most likely of all of the hypotheses. 

EDIT: Found out this hypothesis is false (thanks Mark for the correction! ^^). 

The EXP earned is proportionate or one-to-one of the equipment points (or gear score) of the equipment. This would mean that equipment that naturally have higher equipment points would give more  EXP.

For example, say you’re synthesizing a Rare grade Erenor jerkin. We want to choose between a rare grade Magnificent Jerkin and a rare grade Epherium jerkin. That Magnificent Jerkin’s on sale on the Auciton House, but your buddy is giving away armor pieces he doesn’t need. What do you pick?

You would pick the Epherium tier jerkin, as Epherium is one tier higher than the Magnificent jerkin.

*Note that the categories, “Easy”, “Normal” and “Difficult” (that were mentioned in the 3.5 regrade post) also apply to the EXP gain. So Obsidian equipment would give the highest amount of EXP since it belongs in the “Difficult” category.

i want some unusual stat, say spirit on a bow. Can i do that?

Yes! You can put any stat you’d like on an equipment piece. Let’s look at a few examples.

(Disclaimer: You technically can’t choose the stat you want. It’s all RNG… But you can reroll it!)

2-2-2017-3-18-48-pmThere probably is something a bit unusual about this bow than bows that you’ve seen. Check out the synthesis stats!

There’s the Spirit stat (boosts magic defense and increases healing power), which is not found on crafted bows! Only a few dropped bows in ArcheAge have the Spirit stat.

The secondary synthesis stat is Stamina (increases HP and parry rate). That’s found commonly on bows, but having a Spirit and Stamina combination on a crafted bow has not happened before.

I believe the Erenor equipment, although very expensive, will be nice for people who want a unique combination of stats that they need that will suit to their class.

Now that we’ve seen a bow, let’s look at another Erenor item that someone has on the KR Auction House.

It’s a Staff!

2-2-2017-3-35-35-pmHere, we have a Heroic grade Erenor staff.

It has an odd stat, which is Strength. As one might know, Strength is not regularly found on staves, since Strength is not a mage’s main stat.

But how are these stats determined?

It’s RNG-based, but that probably is because regrading Erenor is not RNG-based. Kind of balances out.

Stats luckily can be rerolled by using the Ipni Fortune Favor, a crafted scroll that works much like how a Serendipity Stone works on a costume. Note that this scroll only works on Erenor weapons, armor, and accessories. For cloaks, you use the Cryptic Lucky Scroll.

Now, you might be interested in how stats for Erenor items are chosen. They are similar to costumes, however.

Let’s find out!

I want to hear some details on how stats are chosen!

We have three pools of stats that the RNG gods choose from. These are the main statssub-stats, and special stats.

  • Main stats aren’t very fun. They’re those STR/STA/INT/AGI/SPI stats. It’s chosen by random. You get them when you start synthesizing your Erenor item.
  • Sub-stats are much like the main stats (the 5 basic stats). They’re more work to get to, since you have to feed your other equipment to your Erenor item. Sub-stats pop up at the Heroic Grade.
  • Special stats are the fun stats! These are obtained at the Divine grade… So after you spent a hefty amount of gold to push your Erenor weapon to Divine, you finally get the interesting stats. Here’s a list of them below:
    • Weapons (excluding bows and instruments):
      • Attack Speed increase
      • Cast time decrease
      • Melee, Ranged OR Magical critical rate increase
      • Healing critical rate increase
    • Instruments:
      • Melee, Ranged OR Magical damage increase (probably a flat change, could be wrong though).
      • Healing increase (again, that’s probably a flat change too.)
    • Bows:
      • Physical Defense penetration
      • Magical Defense penetration
      • Continuous HP regeneration
      • MP regen after using a skill
    • Armor:
      • Max HP increase
      • Max MP increase
      • Critical healing amount increase
      • Evasion rate increase
    • Accessories:
      • Necklace
        • Max HP increase
        • Max MP increase
        • M. Def penetration
        • P. Def penetration
        • Magic Defense increase
        • Critical healing amount increase
      • Earring
        • M. Def increase
        • Evasion rate increase
        • Damage reduction
        • Melee ATK increase
        • Parry rate increase
        • Max HP increase
        • Max MP increase
      • Ring
        • M. Def increase
        • Attack speed increase
        • Cast time decrease
        • P. Def penetration
        • Melee, Ranged OR Magical damage increase (I think it’s a percentage? Can’t remember how accessory increases to damage work.)
        • Max HP increase
        • Max MP increase

Where are the set effects?

Surprise! Erenor doesn’t have any set effects… By default.

You have your Synthesis stats, and then you have these special Lunafrosts. But they aren’t called Lunafrosts. In another post I wrote, I call them “Ipni Eclipse” enchants. But I’m going to change the name to “Ipni Umbrastone”. Seems more fitting for the translation of “Moon Shadow”, and the fact that it looks like some kind of enchanted stone.

They’re effective in their 3,4, and 7 sets. You have to make one for each armor piece.

icon_item_3879 Raging ipni Umbrastone (Flame)

Enchant Effect: +10 Melee Attack

  • 3 Set: Focus +506
  • 4 Set: Resilience +560
  • 7 Set: Critical Damage Increase +18.6%
icon_item_3880 zephyrous Ipni Umbrastone (Gale)

Enchant Effect: +10 Ranged Attack

  • 3 Set: Focus + 506
  • 4 Set: Resilience +560
  • 7 Set: Movespeed increase +4.1%
icon_item_3875 Serene Ipni umbrastone (Earth)

Enchant Effect: +80 Physical Defense

  • 3 Set: Toughness +452
  • 4 Set: Resilience +560
  • 7 Set: Damage Reduction by 4.1%
icon_item_3876 Surging Ipni Umbrastone (Wave)

Enchant Effect: +10 Magic Attack

  • 3 Set: Toughness +452
  • 4 Set: Resilience +560
  • 7 Set: Skill Damage increase +4.1%
icon_item_3873 Vivacious Ipni Umbrastone (Life)

Enchant Effect: +10 Healing Power

  • 3 Set: Toughness +452
  • 4 Set: Resilience +560
  • 7 Set: Healing Critical Rate Increase +4.1% (not sure if this healing bonus or rate)

There’s four others too, but they don’t seem to appear in crafting recipes. Not sure when they’ll pop in the game!

Just a notice for now: I will be taking AP exams in late spring so I will be preparing for them, allowing less time for the blog. I plan to update more over the summer though!


21 thoughts on “[ArcheAge 3.5] – More on Erenor Gear

      • Percy says:

        From what I’ve seen on the weapons, I think it is possible. But with the more dominant stat (higher number of the two on the weapons), spirit would be of the lesser since it’s not a usual stat on plate. I could be wrong, though. We’ll need to wait and see as more people are synthesizing their Erenor equipment 🙂


        • Zuri says:

          Thanks for your responses but yeah I really hope plate is possible for that cause then it will have built in magic defense stats/heal power for those of us that want to use plate on the melee dominated servers


          • Percy says:

            I think having the Erenor armor enchants will help too. Each enchantment itself gives +10 ATK/Healing power or for the Earth one +80 defense, so you can mix and match gems or conplete a full set. I’m looking forward to finding out what the other four gems are 😀


    • Percy says:

      Hello Zuri!

      Erenor bumps back down to basic after it is crafted. However, you do not regrade Erenor using regrade scrolls. You slowly rank it up by doing equipment synthesis on it (like a cloak or costume, but Erenor uses actual weapons and armor).

      All to craft, Erenor needs a Divine or higher Sealed Ayanad. Ayanads can be resealed with a special item that is craftable. Since it’s sealed, any Ayanad should do the job.


      • Vax says:

        So one question about this. I keep seeing people state that Erenor comes out as basic but has this been visually confirmed? This might be a problem on NA since I believe we got a patch to make sure gear drops were all at least grand grade. When was the last time you saw dungeon gear drop basic? Crafted gear? Nope should come out as grand. So where are people getting (on KR) or going to get (on NA/EU) “basic” grade gear?


        • Percy says:

          Erenor does come out basic, that is true. Maybe they switched that change back; not sure. (I thought they said that they’re going to just make mob drops Grand-grade, not all items)


  1. rydellhall says:

    So I have thousands of unidentified armor and weapons (Scion, Nightblade, etc.) that I’ve accrued from crates since playing. Any idea if ANY of these can be synthesized to Erenor gear? If not, these things are useless labor destroyers. All I need to know to go ahead and trash.


    • Vax says:

      I think that falls under “Mob drops” and is thus ineligible. I personally trashed all mine. If you want to be super safe though you can keep them until we get this version on our PTS to be sure.


  2. markii says:


    Omnom owner and writer here. Your hypothesis on the experience being proportionate to the gear score is absolutely wrong. I’ve done the math, and there is 0 correlation whatsoever.

    As your blog has some sort of authority within the community, I am advising you to remove that hypothesis, as it has no real basis and is pure speculation, and as such, creates assumptions that do not exist in the actual game.




  3. Baran says:

    If there is no more RNG in the crafting part, did you see so far any use for high level Machinism (since the current “craft upgradable magni / epherium from wisps” will be over).
    I read in your previous article the item to re-seal items will be in machinism and requires i think only 5k but what about high level, let’s say above 50k ? is there something new?


  4. Talamaur says:

    Very usefull! I want to know about consumables for synthesized armor. For example, I have a cloth helmet. What kind of helmets I have to use to synthesis? Only cloth helmets or all kinds of helmets (cloth, plate, leather)? Please enlight me! Thanks.


  5. thatguyscrazy says:

    I may have missed it someplace, but I was wondering is there a next level to Ayanad Cloaks as well? If there is an Erenor Cloak what are the materials needed to upgrade from Ayanad? Thanks Percy!


    • Percy says:

      Yep, there’s Erenor Cloaks.

      They require 2 x Blazing Cloth or Leather (depending on the cloak you have), 1 Moonlight Ipnya’s Favor, 800 x Warrior Medals, 10 x Moonlight Essence.

      These can be synthesized to the Mythic grade.


  6. Talamaur says:

    I am a bit confusing looking at screenshots. There are main and substats but its order is various. Why so?

    Correct me if I wrong. I can delay synthesising at Arcane grade to get my favourite main stat (e.g. INT for 2h-staff) via Ipni Fortune Favor. Can I?

    Many thanks!


  7. Shirozaki says:

    By crafting Erenor it will regrade back to Basic/grand, but what about from Delphinad > Ayanad? Does it keep it’s grade?


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