[ArcheAge KR Marketplace] – Valentine’s Day 2017 Comes with a New Costume, Emote, and Magithropter + Some Balance Changes

XLGames has released a few new things for their Valentine’s Day update (along with some reworking on the Trading Post system and crafting recipes!)

Let’s cut to the chase.

If you don’t care much about the costumes, just scroll all the way down to the overview of balance changes. I’ll try to finalize a translation of them tomorrow.

So, yes, this is the video released to promote the new costume, glider and… pole dancing emote.

The new costume comes with an alternate view which removes the stockings for the ladies and the shirt for the men:

As you can see there are two different colors available for the costume, a black version and white version.

And here’s a preview of the costumes on all races:

Looks neat. I personally like the sheer look of it… Hopefully it doesn’t look super shiny.

Now onto the Magithropter. As some of you may know, magithropters are a special classification of gliding devices (other than Gliders) which act as wings, and look like wings when you’re flying. These kinds of gliders increase incoming damage by 50% and disable Parry/Blocking/Evading, in return for not being able to be knocked down from the glider when attacked.

Only one kind of Magithropter can be obtained in our version of ArcheAge were the Astra Wings, which were available in a $50 pack that is now retired. These new gliders are available in an RNG box.





Some important info about the glider: It binds on equip, and cannot have an image.

Glider Skills: 

  • Ascend: Like the regular Astra Glider, it flies up 15m quickly. Has 30s cooldown.
  • Invincibility: You can activate invincibility while flying for 5s. Has 45s cooldown.

The pole-dancing emote is from the RNG box as well.

43273 The emote looks like this.

Now that we have the new items done with, here’s an overview of upcoming changes in the first balancing patch in 3.5:

  • Trading Post system as been reworked. Only 1 type of Trading Post pack instead of three. (They simplified the original plan).
  • Reduced the number required for a trading post pack to be made. (Because people weren’t turning in enough.)
  • Changed the rate at which the pack percentage recovers.
  • Crafted weapons have had the Archeum amount required reduced…
  • Obsidian weapons no longer need to have the Sealed Illustrious+ weapons to be able to be crafted. It has been replaced with – you guessed it, more Archeum!
  • The ferry now stays at the port for 20 minutes instead of 50 minutes, and the cost to be protected on the ship is now 5g.
  • Regrade costs have been adjusted depending on the grade.

2 thoughts on “[ArcheAge KR Marketplace] – Valentine’s Day 2017 Comes with a New Costume, Emote, and Magithropter + Some Balance Changes

  1. Snuffy says:

    hi Percy, thanks for the detailed information here! I just have a question. You explained this…Changed the rate at which the pack percentage recovers.
    In 3.0 I think it recovers some of the percentage (maybe 5%?) every 30 minutes, but it might be 60 minutes.
    Anyway, when you get a chance, can you find out what the new rate of recovery is with this change and update us please? Thanks 🙂


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