Unpacking the game_pak! (ZIP file included)

Hello everyone!

I’m back for a moment to tell you about how to unpack the game files so you can use them.

You may have seen that I got the full 48×48 size icons for some of the posts I’ve written, and this is the method I used to do that. It is very simple, and I’ve compiled everything you need in a .zip file you can download and extract.
The process is very simple. It only takes a few clicks and 30-40 minutes to extract to game files. I’ve included a .zip file so all of the components are there for you. (There may be a security warning, but you can ignore that.)ArcheAge QuickBMS

1) Launching QuickBMS

QuickBMS is a file extractor that I use to extract ArcheAge’s game_pak file. The .zip file I included in the post will have this application in it, so there’s no need to install it from the site.


Just to show what the pack looks like inside.


When you open up your zip file, make sure to open the quickbms_4gb_files.exe. Since te game_pak is around 30GB, you will need to use that since that version allows bigger files to be extracted.

2) Using QuickBMS to Extract the gamepak

Once you have QuickBMS opened, in the dialog box that pops up, click on the archeage.bms file. This is the “script” that you’ll use to extract the files from the gamepak.


Use the one in red!

After that, another box will pop up. This one asks you to navigate to the game_pak file you want to extract. The file will be located in the Archeage\Working folder. Click on that file.

Note: If you are extracting another version’s game_pak, like Korea’s, make sure you know which ArcheAge file it is. The folders do not clearly state which is which. Korea will show that it is their’s by showing a launcher that is designed specifically for them.

This is what Korea’s launcher looks like.

This step is the final one. Create a folder where you can easily access the files later, and name it something like “ArcheAge Extract” with the date you extracted it. Why put the date? I find it easy to compare versions like that, and you can organize your folders easily. You could also put the version down, but I think writing the date would be easier.

This is what you will see for the next half hour or so.

Click “Save” after that. QuickBMS will now start to extract the game_pak files.

While you wait, you can watch a TV episode or order takeout. Newer versions will have more files, so you’ll need to wait a while before you can start playing with the files.

Once the extraction is complete, go to the folder you used as the destination of the extraction. The subfolder titled “game” will have the game data and files you’re looking for.

3) Using the game_pak files

Wow! All that waiting paid off! Wait, how do you open all of files?

You’ll need to download file readers or converters. Here’s a list I’ve compiled that I’ve used:

  • DDS Converter – This program does batch conversions of DDS files, which are the files that make up most of the UI icons and images in the game. I set my export file as .png, as it provides transparency and looks like it has a higher quality than JPEG files.
  • ddsview – Although the first program is useful for converting files, this one is better suited for just viewing them, since you can browse all of the DDS files within a folder. It also has an export function, but I think the DDS Converter is better for that.
  • DB Browser for SQLite – Although I never was able to crack the code for the encrypted database, this program will let you view the game’s database. That’s if you have the key. You’ll need to ask someone for that, because I don’t know it.
  • FSB Extractor – This is for listening and converting the .fsb files ArcheAge uses for the sounds and music in the game. It converts them to .ogg files. However, when I try to open those .ogg files, they’re corrupted. Maybe you’ll figure out a way to extract them correctly! 🙂

The model files are .chr files, which are the CryEngine character model files. There’s a script for converting the .chr files to 3DS Max files that’s included, along with a .txt file detailing how to use it. Here’s a clearer explanation here though:

Open up your Command Prompt.

Then, use the following format to utilize the script that will convert the .chr files into .3ds files. Do not include the brackets, but keep the spaces:

[path of quickbms.exe] -w [path of ArcheAgeCHRto3ds.bms] [path of .chr file] [path of output folder]

After you extract that, you’ll need a program that can open up .3ds files. Note that the coloring on the files will not appear as it is only the model.

The material files are .mtl which are also CryEngine files. I don’t know how to work with these files though.

If you’re simply looking for the icons that are used in the game, go to the folder you used as the extraction folder, and then go to game > ui > icon. It may take a moment for all of the icons to load.

Now that you know how to extract these, share some of the things you make, like videos or guides, and link them in the comments! I want to see your creations 🙂 Maybe I will pick out ones I thought were interesting and put them in a post!

If you need help with anything, please ask in the comments below as well!


14 thoughts on “Unpacking the game_pak! (ZIP file included)

  1. Fratini says:

    Hey Percy! I found a way to extract .ogg sounds from .fsb (ArcheAge use fsb5) without corrupt the file.
    Using tw2unfsb (The Witcher 2) and the ogg library (libogg.dll) you can extract the sounds. Just drag the .fsb file into the tw2unfsb.exe with the dll in the folder, and Voilá!


  2. iris says:

    “you must choose the name of the other file to load in the same folder:” That’s my code——f:\black\quickbms\quickbms.exe -w f:\black\quickbms\ArcheAgeCHRto3ds.BMS f:\black\quickbms\nu_f_sk_schoollook001.chr f:\black\quickbms\


  3. Korotoxan says:

    hi PERCI ty ^^, Percy is in danger of banning my North American account if I rip these 3d models? I want to print an action figure and cosplay on my 3d printer


    • Percy says:

      I don’t think it’ll result in you getting banned. I don’t see any potential way people could use the 3D models for abuse/exploit, so you’ll most likely be fine 🙂 There was a post written a few years ago on someone else’s blog about them 3D printing an ArcheAge model, so I think you’re fine ^_^


      • Korotoxan says:

        I again ^^ so I can be carefree with copyright, something else this program can use without fear of being interpreted by trion or xl games as hack ??


        • Percy says:

          Oh ripping files probably isn’t gonna hurt you or anything. I used a software (forgot the name) to rip all the models and materials from a scene in game. Didn’t get any warning or anything


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