Starting On a Different Path

Yesterday, I began playing ArcheAge again. I’ve been playing it sparingly, but after a month and a half, I returned to join the festivities that can only happen in here. My FFXIV subscription had ran out, and there’s no way in-game to pay for the subscription. I’ll stay on AA until I find some way to pay for FFXIV again.

I’ve changed up Percy’s look. It was mainly the hair I wanted to change, but I went and edited her face a little too. This was since I bought one of those coronets off of the Auction House. I’ve been waiting to buy one for a while, haha!


This shot took forever to take.

It surprised me when I saw how good it came out! I tanned Percy again, and reshaped her face. I aimed for a cherry blossom pink for the hair.


Yes, she is still a Harani.

Additionally, I’m going to roll healer.

In FFXIV, I rolled a healer and I’m lovin’ it! So I’m going to roll as one here as well 🙂


I need to work on getting a better shield for Percy (preferably a Divine Ayanad or Epic Obsidian) and tiering up the club. Or tier up the club and sell it and then use the funds for buying an Epic club. I’m still working it out.

After that, a Divine Obsidian/Ayanad will be my next goal. How am I going to make that much gold? I have no clue. (Yet I have enough gold to buy costumes… Hmm…)

I found a nice club skin too… “Pantheon’s Judgement” – the club skin released with the small Inquisitor Robes pack that was on sale for only a weekend.


It looks pretty neat, but I’m gonna save up for a nicer club before I image that on. The chances of finding that skin again are low.

Anything new going on with you guys? Any cool plans or events you have in mind?

I want to do a giveaway, but I have nothing to give away, unfortunately. And if I did, it’d have to be on the Nazar server, since I don’t have anything like APEX to give 😦

Maybe in the future I’ll join the Creator’s program and give away codes from there. But for now, I’ll keep on pushing out stuff.

Take care everyone!



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