3.5 Commerce… Flowchart?

Hello everyone 🙂

Commerce has changed quite a bit in 3.5, so I made a… flowchart (?) of it, explaining what can be done!

3.5 trade pack flowchart.png

If there are any errors in the chart, let me know! I’ll fix it ASAP.


4 thoughts on “3.5 Commerce… Flowchart?

  1. Sovorack says:

    Aren’t Cert. Aurorian packs not turned in in Golden Ruins? I know I bought a pack in DS and could sell it in Golden Ruins for 35 charcoal…


  2. gizmotyran says:

    Thanks, it’s perfect.
    Add a info for freshness, 115% bonus under 30 min for T2 and T3,
    100 % under 2 hour,
    80 % under 6 hour,
    more 6 hour 60%.


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