Farewell, ArcheAge

It may have seemed apparent that I wasn’t posting for a while. Got pretty busy in real life, and have finished most of my “goals” in game.

I’ve had a wonderful time playing this game even though my character will never hit the 6,000 Equipment Points mark, haha. Clipper harpooning and other mischief with friends made the game enjoyable. But with my loss of interest in the game, I believe that it is time to pack my bags and move on.

That being said, I am grateful for this game to spark my curiosity in the Korean language, which I have plans to continue to study as I’d like to translate The Fir and the Hawk novel I bought, the story on which ArcheAge is based upon. I also plan to visit Korea once I know enough (and when I save up money for that trip 🙂 )

Seeing the faults in ArcheAge made me want to develop a game of my own, in the future. I am currently working on the story, combat, items, maps and races of my game’s world, which does not have an official title as of now (I am thinking of The Laikan Project for it though). For my game, I wish a huge open world revolving around the sandbox play style, while providing enough content, through means of exploration, extensive quest lines with choices that can affect the outcomes, and incentives for PvP/PvE.

Going back to ArcheAge, I’ll most likely hop on time to time for the next few months, and by the beginning of next year, I’ll be out.

Again, I’d like to thank those in game and those who read the blog for making the game enjoyable and a bit more interesting. As much as I’d like to stay and play for a while more, I feel that there are bigger things in life calling for me in my future. College is coming up soon, and then work or some entrepreneurial venture after that.

If you’d still like to communicate with me, you can message me at percymeetsarcheage@gmail.com (through email or Google Hangouts!). Thank you all for the fun! ❤ Even as the years go on, I’ll remember these 2-3 years as some of the more interesting ones, with all the different people I’ve met.

Farewell, ArcheAge! Good luck for what may come your way in the future!


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