I’m Learning Korean! plus a few other things

Hey everyone!

I’ve recently started playing AA again (about 1.5 months ago) so I decided I’ll tell y’all what’s been up.

  • I’m learning Korean (finally)! As of right now, I’ve only gotten down about half of the alphabet, but I hope that within a year, I won’t have to use Google Translate as much. (In other words – more accurate info!)
  • Additionally, I’m trying to hop on ArcheAge Japan to see if I can find interesting statistics or people there. Oh, and I’ll tackle the Japanese language after I can comprehend Korean okay-ish.
  • One big thing I’m going to do is to switch my education from public to self-studies/homeschooling. With this, I can delve deeply into subjects I’m interested in! I am hoping that I can do ArcheAge-related projects as well! (This will be for the last two years of high school!) I’m doing research on it now, and how to withdraw myself from the public school system. I think it will be great!
  • Going back to Korean language-learning, I have read your comments on that post I published a while back 🙂 I’ll try out the things you’ve recommended.
  • If anyone is interested in mentoring/tutoring me in Korean, it will be much appreciated 🙂 Penpals and Skype friends are welcome too! If you play ArcheAge as well, that’s even better!
  • Aaaaand going back to the homeschooling thing… I hope I can go to one of the PAX East events to use my growing journalism skills :3
  • And finally, for ArcheAge-related things to put on my blog… Since I’ve practiced using InDesign enough now, I think I’m ready to launch some kind of PDF guide, or eBook 😀 I’ll be adding more guides over the summer, as well as updating information on the ArcheAge Gamepedia (which is a big fixer-upper). If you have any suggestions for guides (related to crafting, leveling, money-making etc), feel free to comment them ^^

One final question for y’all: How have you been these past few months (IRL or in-game)? I hope it’s been going well 🙂

I’ll be sure to post when I reach a milestone in my Korean language-learning adventure, write up a guide, find some interesting info from the Korean site, or get into the JP version… I forsee that this year will be filled with fun, and I can’t wait to get started on all of this!

Starting On a Different Path

Yesterday, I began playing ArcheAge again. I’ve been playing it sparingly, but after a month and a half, I returned to join the festivities that can only happen in here. My FFXIV subscription had ran out, and there’s no way in-game to pay for the subscription. I’ll stay on AA until I find some way to pay for FFXIV again.

I’ve changed up Percy’s look. It was mainly the hair I wanted to change, but I went and edited her face a little too. This was since I bought one of those coronets off of the Auction House. I’ve been waiting to buy one for a while, haha!


This shot took forever to take.

It surprised me when I saw how good it came out! I tanned Percy again, and reshaped her face. I aimed for a cherry blossom pink for the hair.


Yes, she is still a Harani.

Additionally, I’m going to roll healer.

In FFXIV, I rolled a healer and I’m lovin’ it! So I’m going to roll as one here as well 🙂


I need to work on getting a better shield for Percy (preferably a Divine Ayanad or Epic Obsidian) and tiering up the club. Or tier up the club and sell it and then use the funds for buying an Epic club. I’m still working it out.

After that, a Divine Obsidian/Ayanad will be my next goal. How am I going to make that much gold? I have no clue. (Yet I have enough gold to buy costumes… Hmm…)

I found a nice club skin too… “Pantheon’s Judgement” – the club skin released with the small Inquisitor Robes pack that was on sale for only a weekend.


It looks pretty neat, but I’m gonna save up for a nicer club before I image that on. The chances of finding that skin again are low.

Anything new going on with you guys? Any cool plans or events you have in mind?

I want to do a giveaway, but I have nothing to give away, unfortunately. And if I did, it’d have to be on the Nazar server, since I don’t have anything like APEX to give 😦

Maybe in the future I’ll join the Creator’s program and give away codes from there. But for now, I’ll keep on pushing out stuff.

Take care everyone!


Back… Again!

I sincerely apologize for having neglected my blog… Was busy over the past few months with the guild and in real life! I was also playing other games like Blade & Soul  and Black Desert Online.

Not much has changed since the last time I posted an entry but I can assure you that you will be able to see more posts during this summer (not like how I promised last summer, haha) since I figured out what I should be posting and what not.

Anyway, let’s go onward of what has went on during my five months of inactivity!

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The Amethyst Solarium!

A kind person on tumblr was giving away a code for the Amethyst Solarium, a new house type coming into Archeage in the 1.8/2.0 patch!

This solarium has a purple roof as it is from the Gamescon event in Germany. There will be a red one for the event in America. The other solariums will have a pink and turquoise roof, and will probably be purchased with credits or Gilda Stars (much like the Lunar and Solar Scarecrow Farms).

Solarium Front

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