Speedboat + Spreadsheet

The Seawhipper Speedboat and the Seaskimmer Speedboat have arrived today in ArcheAge NA/EU! I’d call them a “glorified clipper” for the fact that it is classified as one (according to the game) and they have about the same cruising speed as it. However, the speedboats do have different abilites.

This post also provides a spreadsheet for the materials required to build the “Seawhipper Speedboat”. To obtain the “Seaskimmer Speedboat” you will need to buy a Speedboat Upgrade Ticket Speedboat Upgrade Ticket for 3500 Credits, or via Auction House with gold. The design for the speedboat is 1,200 Gilda Stars.

And for those who can not wait, do not fret. If you want to drop $100 on credits, you can buy the upgraded boat (this is a limited time offer; lasts until October 24, 2016). But isn’t it more fun making the boat? Continue reading