[News] – Team Inven to Broadcast ArcheAge “Competitions”

Good day friends!

I also decided to catch up on ArcheAge news. I think that having more than just updates, by including region-specific event information, will provide a fuller view of what ArcheAge is doing.

This is the first post of its kind (at least on my blog!).


Team Inven, Inven.co.kr’s streaming group (Inven is Korea’s “gaming hub” website), plans to create a monthly broadcast that features different aspects of ArcheAge. They wish to model it after how a game magazine works, by choosing a different aspect each month.

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[ArcheAge Lore Series] – I: Dragons, Ospheros and the Nuons

Okay, I lied about having lore information out in a month… I want to go ahead and do the good ol’ [Papago] translator technique and provide some background of the ArcheAge world.

I plan to make a chronological series, as the Korean website shows it.

Note that some localizations may not be accurate… I’m sure there’s a good amount of names embedded within quests, but there are so many! I’ll try to do my best though. We have a void of information!

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New Post Series – The Fir and The Hawk

Hi everyone!

I’m a bit busy moving at the moment, but maybe after a week, my family and I will be done settling in. I have a lot more room now, which I’m excited about. I can draw a lot more, and have more space to study!

For that reason, I am going to learn Korean. And for the book I’ll be trying to learn it from it will be The Fir and The Hawk, the first out of the series of books ArcheAge is written upon.

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… Or is it Really a Farewell?

Sometimes, I just can’t make a goodbye final.

Hello ArcheAge friends – it’s been a little over six months since I’ve posted on Percy Meets ArcheAge.

After some time off, I’ve reflected on my experiences in-game and what feedback (both positive and negative) I’ve gotten on my blog.

Although I’ve been out of the loop of what’s been going on in ArcheAge, I’ve tried to follow what Korea is doing every now and then, and ask my friends how they are doing with the game. I miss playing ArcheAge; no doubt about that!

Recently, I’ve been chatting with one of ArcheAge’s former developers who has enjoyed my blog while I still was updating it regularily. Since then, I’ve been wanting to really learn Korean so I am able to talk to him in his native language. We may meet up in real life some time, whether if it’s me visiting Korea, or the developer coming to America.

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I’m Learning Korean! plus a few other things

Hey everyone!

I’ve recently started playing AA again (about 1.5 months ago) so I decided I’ll tell y’all what’s been up.

  • I’m learning Korean (finally)! As of right now, I’ve only gotten down about half of the alphabet, but I hope that within a year, I won’t have to use Google Translate as much. (In other words – more accurate info!)
  • Additionally, I’m trying to hop on ArcheAge Japan to see if I can find interesting statistics or people there. Oh, and I’ll tackle the Japanese language after I can comprehend Korean okay-ish.
  • One big thing I’m going to do is to switch my education from public to self-studies/homeschooling. With this, I can delve deeply into subjects I’m interested in! I am hoping that I can do ArcheAge-related projects as well! (This will be for the last two years of high school!) I’m doing research on it now, and how to withdraw myself from the public school system. I think it will be great!
  • Going back to Korean language-learning, I have read your comments on that post I published a while back 🙂 I’ll try out the things you’ve recommended.
  • If anyone is interested in mentoring/tutoring me in Korean, it will be much appreciated 🙂 Penpals and Skype friends are welcome too! If you play ArcheAge as well, that’s even better!
  • Aaaaand going back to the homeschooling thing… I hope I can go to one of the PAX East events to use my growing journalism skills :3
  • And finally, for ArcheAge-related things to put on my blog… Since I’ve practiced using InDesign enough now, I think I’m ready to launch some kind of PDF guide, or eBook 😀 I’ll be adding more guides over the summer, as well as updating information on the ArcheAge Gamepedia (which is a big fixer-upper). If you have any suggestions for guides (related to crafting, leveling, money-making etc), feel free to comment them ^^

One final question for y’all: How have you been these past few months (IRL or in-game)? I hope it’s been going well 🙂

I’ll be sure to post when I reach a milestone in my Korean language-learning adventure, write up a guide, find some interesting info from the Korean site, or get into the JP version… I forsee that this year will be filled with fun, and I can’t wait to get started on all of this!

Mini Post: Looking for Korean Language Learning Resources

Just a short post to ask anyone who may read this:

Is there any Korean language learning resource you know of? It being free is preferable. Pen-pals or something similar is good too 🙂 You can comment links or ideas below.

I want to learn Korean to understand the Korean ArcheAge version better to provide better translations, as well as taking the chance of learning a new language!

감사해요! Thank you!

(I hope I used the correct “thank you” for this situation, hehe)