[ArcheAge 3.5] – Obsidian Gear Crafting Changes

With the removal of Mana Wisps from the game, crafting Obsidian gear has had its crafting recipes changed. It is replaced by a Sealed regular crafting weapon (Illustrious-Erenor).

Unlike the crafted weapons (Illustrious-Erenor), Obsidian gear still has grade inheritance, so if you decide to use a Divine Obsidian Shortspear to craft an Ominous Obsidian Shortspear, it will still retain the Divine grade (or have an extremely small chance to go up a grade).  This could be a possible reason why the regrade rates (as seen in this post) for Obsidian gear are lower than Illustrious-Ayanad and other weapons, because Obsidian gear will inherit the grade the material weapon was, unlike Illustrious-Erenor’s grade requirement for crafting up. (They made it easier to regrade successfully for Illustrious to Ayanad so it’s easier to upgrade.)

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[ArcheAge 3.5] – Specific Erenor Crafting List

To go with the post published yesterday, here is a list of the crafting materials needed for each weapon/armor/accessory.

I have also made a Google Docs file for you if you wish to view one single Erenor item. You can find it by clicking here.

It’s quite short, as almost every Erenor weapon requires the same number of materials as any other weapon, and the like is true for armor, but the importance of the armor piece changes the amount of materials needed (although it stays the same amount for each armor piece within a different armor group).
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[ArcheAge 3.5] Preview of Skills with Attributes

Small, minor post but this may help to determine what the skills’ attribute effects will be. Already mentioned by Jake Song (one of ArcheAge’s developers), Flame attributes are to maximize damage, and Mist attributes are more for CCs and some changes to buffs/debuffs. (Source: Inven KR|ArcheAge)

XLGames has published a post that shows what skills will have the option to have attributes and some changes in skills. (Note that these changes may not completely be reflected in our version, and that there may be some differences.)

This post will also show how the attribute has changed the skill’s effects, as seen in this post. Battlerage has both attributes for Precision Strike shown, as it was shown in the post just linked.

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