[ArcheAge 3.5] – Obsidian Gear Crafting Changes

Unlike the crafted weapons (Illustrious-Erenor), Obsidian gear still has grade inheritance, so if you decide to use a Divine Obsidian Shortspear to craft an Ominous Obsidian Shortspear, it will still retain the Divine grade (or have an extremely small chance to go up a grade).  This could be a possible reason why the regrade rates (as seen in this post) for Obsidian gear are lower than Illustrious-Ayanad and other weapons, because Obsidian gear will inherit the grade the material weapon was, unlike Illustrious-Erenor’s grade requirement for crafting up. (They made it easier to regrade successfully for Illustrious to Ayanad so it’s easier to upgrade.)

Without further ado, let’s look at what crafting recipe changes that have occurred for Obsidian gear in 3.5! Continue reading


[ArcheAge 3.5] Full List of Attribute Skills

As seen in the previous post, there are certain skills in each skill tree that have an attribute. The attribute affects what the skill does.

These attributes are:

  • Flame
  • Life
  • Stone
  • Squall
  • Wave
  • Lightning
  • Quake
  • Mist

When 3.5 arrives, players can view the Skills window and open up the tab that has the list of skills and attributes.

Let’s begin!

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[ArcheAge 3.5] – Trading Changes

Maritime trade, and trading in general, has been reworked for the 3.5 update. This is an attempt to bring back groups working together to move packs, and a promotion of naval battle to try to get those packs.

(They wish to have more interaction among players with these changes in trading.)


A sneak peak of a new building that will be located at sea ports/habors, as well as some inland zones.

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[Video Tutorial] – Rokhala to Solis Route

Decided to make a video showing the route from Rokhala Mountains to Solis Headlands, easily one of the most profitable trade runs in Haranya (60g a run with just yourself, 80g a run with a friend or alt).

Still learning how to make a “good video”. Please let me know what I can do to improve, as I will want to provide more variety of resources for you to use.

Looking for Help on 3.0 Guide (on PTS)

Hello all,

I am in the process (although slow) in making the crafting/vocation guide for 3.0, since I believe that is going to be one of topics people are more concerned with (alongside Abyssal Skills, which I hope to make before many people start that quest line).

I will need help for gathering and correcting information (using info on PTS) to finish up those guides before I publish them. Proofreading would also be appreciated.

If you’re available at any of the times between 3pm-5pm PST on November 29 and 30, or from December 1 to 8, mail (in-game) Persephonia on the PTS server, Perseph on the Nazar server, or Percy on the ArcheAge forums. (More detail in this post by Khrolan)

Thanks in advance!

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Speedboat + Spreadsheet

The Seawhipper Speedboat and the Seaskimmer Speedboat have arrived today in ArcheAge NA/EU! I’d call them a “glorified clipper” for the fact that it is classified as one (according to the game) and they have about the same cruising speed as it. However, the speedboats do have different abilites.

This post also provides a spreadsheet for the materials required to build the “Seawhipper Speedboat”. To obtain the “Seaskimmer Speedboat” you will need to buy a Speedboat Upgrade Ticket Speedboat Upgrade Ticket for 3500 Credits, or via Auction House with gold. The design for the speedboat is 1,200 Gilda Stars.

And for those who can not wait, do not fret. If you want to drop $100 on credits, you can buy the upgraded boat (this is a limited time offer; lasts until October 24, 2016). But isn’t it more fun making the boat? Continue reading