ArcheAge 3.1 Announced!

XLGames’ ArcheAge website has shown a teaser for the upcoming 3.1 update.

The teaser website says that this update (or at least more information of it) will be released on January 19, 2017 for the Korean version of the game.

According to XLGames’/AmiGO!’s post, the update (for the Korean version) will be called “Arche”, as it promises to go back to the roots of ArcheAge. (More of the information behind the name choice will be explained next week, as said in the post.)

In this patch, there seems to be key points XLGames wants to implement in this patch:

  • More character and item growth (possibly higher levels? new gear tier?)
  • Increasing the amount of overseas trading
  • Balance new and veteran players in multiple aspects
  • Add/improve conveniences

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[Archeage 3.0] Crafting – Commerce

Recently, I have acquired a Korean account to play on the Korean servers of Archeage. This was to gather information about the upcoming 3.0 patch.

Starting today, I will be making a series of posts to showcase some of the new changes in 3.0. The first in the series is the crafting bunch, and today, I’ll start with the Commerce vocation!  Continue reading