Welcome to Percy Meets ArcheAge!

Percy Meets ArcheAge is an unofficial website that posts articles pulled out of the XLGames’ ArcheAge site, and information from the Korean game itself. This is all translated (using Google Translate; going to learn Korean to try to read it) and put into English for all to read. I also post the NA/EU version’s
Although I do my best to make the information accurate, it is not always doable since there are bound to be errors within translations, so take all translations with a grain of salt and think of them as a general idea of what’s to come.
Percy Meets ArcheAge has other resources as well, such as spreadsheets for various things, and I am planning to create printables/guides for all to use.

This site is ad free, for a clean look. There is no need to, but if you wish to help me out or simply donate, you can click the button below (links to PayPal):

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