Starting On a Different Path

Yesterday, I began playing ArcheAge again. I’ve been playing it sparingly, but after a month and a half, I returned to join the festivities that can only happen in here. My FFXIV subscription had ran out, and there’s no way in-game to pay for the subscription. I’ll stay on AA until I find some way to pay for FFXIV again.

I’ve changed up Percy’s look. It was mainly the hair I wanted to change, but I went and edited her face a little too. This was since I bought one of those coronets off of the Auction House. I’ve been waiting to buy one for a while, haha!


This shot took forever to take.

It surprised me when I saw how good it came out! I tanned Percy again, and reshaped her face. I aimed for a cherry blossom pink for the hair.


Yes, she is still a Harani.

Additionally, I’m going to roll healer.

In FFXIV, I rolled a healer and I’m lovin’ it! So I’m going to roll as one here as well 🙂


I need to work on getting a better shield for Percy (preferably a Divine Ayanad or Epic Obsidian) and tiering up the club. Or tier up the club and sell it and then use the funds for buying an Epic club. I’m still working it out.

After that, a Divine Obsidian/Ayanad will be my next goal. How am I going to make that much gold? I have no clue. (Yet I have enough gold to buy costumes… Hmm…)

I found a nice club skin too… “Pantheon’s Judgement” – the club skin released with the small Inquisitor Robes pack that was on sale for only a weekend.


It looks pretty neat, but I’m gonna save up for a nicer club before I image that on. The chances of finding that skin again are low.

Anything new going on with you guys? Any cool plans or events you have in mind?

I want to do a giveaway, but I have nothing to give away, unfortunately. And if I did, it’d have to be on the Nazar server, since I don’t have anything like APEX to give 😦

Maybe in the future I’ll join the Creator’s program and give away codes from there. But for now, I’ll keep on pushing out stuff.

Take care everyone!


Just a Little Update…

I apologize for being inactive with posting on the blog lately. Lots of real life stuff going on, such as colleges, exams etc)

There hasn’t been much information released on specifics on 3.5 in Korea yet, so it can only be determined by testing or looking at Korean players’ guides on how they did something.

I’ve been getting sucked into FFXIV as well (playing and leveling with a friend from AA), so I don’t think I’ll be as active as I was on ArcheAge. I’m gonna hop on every now and then, though.

Nevertheless I’ll post information from KR and JP sites (maybe CN, if I feel like deciphering that), for you all. Maybe you guys want to know about the events there? 

It’s just that without anything big to write about, I don’t update the blog. 

I’m planning to rename the URL of the site to just a one word title (so it’s going to be pretty short). It’ll probably encompass games that I will play and want to focus on in the future.

As always, feel free to comment and ask me questions or chat with me whenever you would like to. If you have a request for a certain topic (but not like “How do the quests in Whalesong/Candlestick Strait work?” or more of the strategy involved), you can comment it below and I will see if I can do that for you.

Additionally, my friend and I are planning to hold an event of some sort on the Nazar server. Not sure what, but we hope to attract a lot of people before we go on our break from AA to play FFXIV. Maybe we’ll do giveaways too??? Just wanted to break out from the AA loop for a bit. 😛

I will post a video tour of our little town soon though, since we’ve worked hard on making it. You can drop by to see what’s up, if you would like 🙂

Best Wishes,

Percy ❤️

[Status Update] 8 February, 2017

Hello everyone!

I apologize for the hiatus. There hasn’t been much new information coming out of the KR version. From this, I’m stagnating a bit because I am not sure what I want to post (even with everyone’s suggestions on that “What Do You Want Me to Post Next?” post.

Additionally, I’ve been a bit busy with my studies for school, as I wish to try out “dual-enrollment”, which is taking courses at a nearby community college, or go there part-time! I can do this “dual-enrollment” once I finish all of my high school credit requirements. If I happen to do the part-time, I’ll have about four hours of free time that can be devoted to studies, working, or internships. I hope to do the part-time college, since I want to experience the college life before I officially go to one.

Currently, I am taking one combined course in math, which is AP Calculus AB and BC. It’s a lot of work for doing both AB and BC in one year! I’m also planning to take the AP World History exam. I hope to earn college credits in both courses.

It may come across as a surprise that I am a high school student 🙂 Forgive me for my elementary writing skills, haha.

I won’t be able to take too much of a break during the spring and summer breaks since I intend to try to push myself hard during my junior year of high school to try to get as many college credits as I can (it’s cheaper to take AP to earn credits rather than taking the course at college), and to try out the college courses itself.

Alongside those academic things, I will try to earn my driver’s permit/license ASAP so I can go to the college myself 🙂 Wish me luck ehehe

As for ArcheAge, I might try out doing videos as one person has suggested. I’ll also try to post any balance notes and interesting videos/screenshots from other regions. I’ll also be thinking of setting up a redirect service for this site and get a shorter URL for it (so all pre-existing links on forums and other mediums will redirect to the new URL).

And finally, thank you all for your support ^_^

~ Percy

Mini Post: Looking for Korean Language Learning Resources

Just a short post to ask anyone who may read this:

Is there any Korean language learning resource you know of? It being free is preferable. Pen-pals or something similar is good too 🙂 You can comment links or ideas below.

I want to learn Korean to understand the Korean ArcheAge version better to provide better translations, as well as taking the chance of learning a new language!

감사해요! Thank you!

(I hope I used the correct “thank you” for this situation, hehe)