Korean Journey Update 1

Hello ArcheAge friends 🙂

A few posts ago I noted that I would be learning Korean to create accurate and better content, without having to rely on Google Translate so much.

I began by listening to K-Pop groups I like and started singing along to the lyrics in Hangul! I mess up now and then, but that’s a part of learning.

As for Korean resources I’m using at the moment, I will be getting back on Duolingo (moving to the new house made me quite busy), ColorCodedLyrics (to read lyrics of Korean songs), and HowToStudyKorean as a main curriculum. I haven’t been able to make much progress unfortunately, as I said before that unpacking is taking a bit of time.

Again, I sincerely apologize for errors I’ve made on this blog, which probably has affected you negatively. I tried keeping the blog updated as frequently as possible, but sometimes, real life gets in the way in the middle of things.


For now, I use an alternative Korean translator tool called “Papago” (파파고) by Naver! Since translations are specific to the Korean language, it has tools honed towards translating Korean accurately. When I compare Google Translate and Papago, Papago usually beats Google Translate in terms of the website actually making sense.

Sources have mixed reviews on both, but I compare the two to deduct meaning from them. But I like Papago better since I can visit Naver’s Endic quicker.


I wanted to make this site a reliable source of information about ArcheAge and its Korean updates, from the beginning. But during my 3.5 update writing, I noticed that just hanging onto Google Translate wasn’t going to cut it. Even with very, very basic knowledge of Korean grammar wasn’t going to help.

To read the Korean articles, and to communicate to the Korean team/players, I figured that I needed to actually study Korean if I wanted to provide accurate information. There is only so much that I could deduce from Google Translate. I had to know Korean word conventions, grammar, slang and cultural differences.

It really sparked when I was playing on the 곤 server on Korea, when a player came up to me and asked me in Korean if I spoke it. Back then, I didn’t know how to even read Hangul. It looked intimidating, as Chinese characters do.

Then they asked me, in English, if I spoke English. It went to my heart; the feeling of not knowing that person’s language. I was on their ground unable to speak it. I forgot their name now, but it gives me a reminder that I must learn so I can communicate to them.

To add to it even more, as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, the former Lead Dev of AA wishes to meet up with me some day! I was ecstatic when I read the message from him, but also a bit anxious, because I don’t know much conversational Korean. At that point I could only read/write Hangul and understand basic Korean grammar. I’m still a bit iffy on vocabulary though, as Korean words are words I haven’t been exposed to, until recently.

And with my wish to send a Korean version of my airship concept to XLGames, there’s even more drive to learn Korean. I don’t want to learn it just to write about ArcheAge, I want to be able to have a voice in its future. But without taking that first step, without giving yourself the opportunity to learn Korean, it won’t happen.

But that’s what I want to do differently. Even if the game’s on it’s last leg, I want to do something to keep the playerbase alive.

I don’t expect compensation. I gain fulfillment by helping and learning. Compensation is a side dish to intrinsic motivation!

And, until then, when I pass the final TOPIK test, when I push send on the airship concept email, when I have my chat with the former Lead Dev, I’ll keep learning, for it will have a much greater benefit than just ArcheAge, but to many things that are Korean-related.

And to those who are learning Korean too, I wish you the best of luck in your studies! 화이킹!



[For Fun] – Airship Systems (Introduction)

(Header Image taken from Pre-3.0 ArcheAge credits)

I can see that this blog is getting rather disorganized. But I’m quite fine with that. I like the mix of update information, diary-style entries and lore posts. Makes it more of what I wanted my blog to be in the first place (minus the guides – I wanted to include those but at this point, I don’t think I have the most up-to-date knowledge on AA anymore).

To fill in that gap however, I’ve been thinking about how to include airships more in the game. We have them included them as public transportation options… But after you’ve gotten a car, or even a farm hauler, they’re not used that much.

With that lack of… fun in the air… I decided to think about how players can have their own airships. I think including airships will add another element to the game (although I’m 100% positive that there are flaws, and plenty of ways to exploit the airship system).

In this post I’m including what kinds of airships I have in mind, the similarity of airships to naval ships, and an overview of components that can be equipped. The subsequent posts in the series will be an in-depth discussion of various systems within the whole concept of airships.

Before You Read: This is all just what have in mind. These ideas are not XLGames’, so it is not official. It’s just for fun! (But I do plan on sending a translate, Korean version of the document to XLGames once it’s completed… 4,400 words so far!)

(Excuse my lack of knowledge on how to draw correct-looking airships; I need to work on that, haha)

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[News] – Team Inven to Broadcast ArcheAge “Competitions”

Good day friends!

I also decided to catch up on ArcheAge news. I think that having more than just updates, by including region-specific event information, will provide a fuller view of what ArcheAge is doing.

This is the first post of its kind (at least on my blog!).


Team Inven, Inven.co.kr’s streaming group (Inven is Korea’s “gaming hub” website), plans to create a monthly broadcast that features different aspects of ArcheAge. They wish to model it after how a game magazine works, by choosing a different aspect each month.

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[ArcheAge Lore Series] – I: Dragons, Ospheros and the Nuons

Okay, I lied about having lore information out in a month… I want to go ahead and do the good ol’ [Papago] translator technique and provide some background of the ArcheAge world.

I plan to make a chronological series, as the Korean website shows it.

Note that some localizations may not be accurate… I’m sure there’s a good amount of names embedded within quests, but there are so many! I’ll try to do my best though. We have a void of information!

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New Post Series – The Fir and The Hawk

Hi everyone!

I’m a bit busy moving at the moment, but maybe after a week, my family and I will be done settling in. I have a lot more room now, which I’m excited about. I can draw a lot more, and have more space to study!

For that reason, I am going to learn Korean. And for the book I’ll be trying to learn it from it will be The Fir and The Hawk, the first out of the series of books ArcheAge is written upon.

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… Or is it Really a Farewell?

Sometimes, I just can’t make a goodbye final.

Hello ArcheAge friends – it’s been a little over six months since I’ve posted on Percy Meets ArcheAge.

After some time off, I’ve reflected on my experiences in-game and what feedback (both positive and negative) I’ve gotten on my blog.

Although I’ve been out of the loop of what’s been going on in ArcheAge, I’ve tried to follow what Korea is doing every now and then, and ask my friends how they are doing with the game. I miss playing ArcheAge; no doubt about that!

Recently, I’ve been chatting with one of ArcheAge’s former developers who has enjoyed my blog while I still was updating it regularily. Since then, I’ve been wanting to really learn Korean so I am able to talk to him in his native language. We may meet up in real life some time, whether if it’s me visiting Korea, or the developer coming to America.

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Farewell, ArcheAge

It may have seemed apparent that I wasn’t posting for a while. Got pretty busy in real life, and have finished most of my “goals” in game.

I’ve had a wonderful time playing this game even though my character will never hit the 6,000 Equipment Points mark, haha. Clipper harpooning and other mischief with friends made the game enjoyable. But with my loss of interest in the game, I believe that it is time to pack my bags and move on.

That being said, I am grateful for this game to spark my curiosity in the Korean language, which I have plans to continue to study as I’d like to translate The Fir and the Hawk novel I bought, the story on which ArcheAge is based upon. I also plan to visit Korea once I know enough (and when I save up money for that trip 🙂 )

Seeing the faults in ArcheAge made me want to develop a game of my own, in the future. I am currently working on the story, combat, items, maps and races of my game’s world, which does not have an official title as of now (I am thinking of The Laikan Project for it though). For my game, I wish a huge open world revolving around the sandbox play style, while providing enough content, through means of exploration, extensive quest lines with choices that can affect the outcomes, and incentives for PvP/PvE.

Going back to ArcheAge, I’ll most likely hop on time to time for the next few months, and by the beginning of next year, I’ll be out.

Again, I’d like to thank those in game and those who read the blog for making the game enjoyable and a bit more interesting. As much as I’d like to stay and play for a while more, I feel that there are bigger things in life calling for me in my future. College is coming up soon, and then work or some entrepreneurial venture after that.

If you’d still like to communicate with me, you can message me at percymeetsarcheage@gmail.com (through email or Google Hangouts!). Thank you all for the fun! ❤ Even as the years go on, I’ll remember these 2-3 years as some of the more interesting ones, with all the different people I’ve met.

Farewell, ArcheAge! Good luck for what may come your way in the future!

This Blog Will Be Put on Hold for (at least) Several Months, So I Can Focus my Studies on the Korean Language

Hello everyone 🙂

I’ve mentioned in the past that I would start learning the Korean language. I have learned a good amount of the alphabet so I will aim to learn how to form sentences next. Then, I will focus on expanding my vocabulary.

As a consequence, I will need to put in a lot more time into that. I cannot invest as much time into this blog as language learning is a very focused thing that requires a lot of effort and dedication.

This means that this blog will not be updating with any information from Korea. Additionally, I made a promise to myself. This promise is to never use Google Translate for translating purposes again, unless I want to its Text-to-Speech feature.

Occasionally, I’ll hop on to write how y’all are doing (and my progress), but other than that, please don’t look at this blog for any update past the 3.5 ArcheAge update, until I formally declare I have returned.

I will abandon Google Translate, and aim to use solely the knowledge I learn, plus a few dictionaries and other Korean resources.

It will take a lot of self-discipline as I have not really done this before. I have taken on French and it was quite easy to get the basics of the French language down.

But now, I am going to undertake a language I truly want to learn. Not only do I want to be able to translate articles from ArcheAge Korea accurately, but I want to eventually provide transcripts from videos and even talk to the Korean players without much trouble.

I honestly haven’t had such a passion to do something like this in a long time, but I can’t wait for the doors that open when I can talk, read and write in Korean. Just like any other language, there’s bound to be challenges that arise.

But, I’ll do my best and not give up! One day, I’ll be able to be fluent in Korean, and even work on learning other languages!

I would have never had thought that this game would persuade me to learn a language that I wasn’t interested in the past.

And now, I announce that this blog is on hold.

Thank you all for your support. I love y’all 💕

Going to Update ALL 3.5 Posts since KR has Changed their Stuff from the Last Time I Posted!

It’s probably a bit late… But I’ll be updating all of the posts I’ve made for 3.5. I’ve been aware of most of the changes but I have not updated any of them because there’s been so much happening with exams and such.

Additionally, I will be expanding this blog to more than just patch notes as I’d like to include more of the creator community (from all regions) in. I hope to have more time then 🙂