[ArcheAge 3.5] – Quality of Life Changes + Other Changes

With the ArcheAge 3.5 update coming out in Korea within a week, we can expect to see several QoL changes that enhance the map and quest UI, and some options in the Settings menu.

The Map

This update releases a very nice feature of property locations of your guild and family members. They are denoted by a blue-tinted marker for guilds, and a green-tinted one for families.

I am not sure if the markers will show ALL of your guild/family members’ properties, or only the one they set for use for the Guild and Family.

Example of the map with the property icons in Cinderstone.

Weapon Enchantment Viewing

One can now toggle Lunafrost and item glow effects in the settings. This is great for people who do not like the glowing effect on their weapons.

This also includes the Celestial+ weapon overlays that were released in the autumn of last year.

Weapon glow effects can be toggled in the settings menu.

Raid Bosses

In Korea, XLGames will adjust the schedules of raid bosses. These include:

  • Kraken
  • Red Dragon
  • Leviathan
  • Delphinad Ghost Ship

This is in hopes to prevent people from monopolizing raid bosses.

Farm Cart Following

Although reflected somewhat in our version, having farm carts follow each other is now restricted or taken out.

On Korea fresh start servers, they will remove the follow feature completely.

On Korea legacy servers, a cart cannot follow another cart. It works for two carts maybe (one driving and one following), but if you have more than that, it will not work.

Quest UI

The quest UI has had features added to it to make it easier to view quests.

Hovering over the quest list will now allow you to see a quick overview of the quest, recommended level, and more information such as objective. This allows you to see what you need to do quickly, so you don’t have to look through the entire quest.

Mousing over the quest will show this window.

For the daily Family quests, it now lists the reward(s) on the quest unlocking screen. Now you can see how much vocation badges you can earn from a quest without having to click on the quest itself. Merit badges have the vocation badge amount shown as well.

Teleport Book UI Changes

One can now sort by categories in the Teleport Book.

These categories are:

  • All (List all teleport zones)
  • Continent
  • “Local Name” (Teleport zones that are recorded automatically)
  • “Registration Name” (Teleport zones that you have recorded)

It can be seen in the drop down tab, as shown.

These changes were suggestions from the Korean player base, that XLGames has implemented into the 3.5 ArcheAge update. Perhaps we will see more changes down the road, that were suggested by players.


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