[Archeage 3.0] – New Races and PvE/PvP Changes?

A few days ago, Archeage’s Korean website published a teaser for their new upcoming update named “Archeage 3.0 – Orchidna’s Hatred”. A huge content update is expected to come to Korea’s version of Archeage in July. But, what can we expect from this update?

Percy will keep track of updates for the new patch on this blog!

New Races

If you have been keeping up with what has been going on the Archeage Forum and Reddit the past several days, there are some threads about the new content, mainly the races.

Source: inven.co.kr/archeage ~ This picture shows the concepts of what the two new races – Warborn and Dwarves – will look like, along with their “upgraded” versions.

The Warborn (left) will most likely start in the zone “Sunbite Wilds” (south of Arcum Iris in Haranya), and the Dwarves in Aubre Cradle (west of Dewstone Planes in Nuia).

They are said to have special abilities. The Warborn race is able to transform into a “Ravager”, and the Dwarves are able to have their own special form, called the “Juggernaut” (found in the background of the picture above). The two races will be able to activate these once they are level 30.

XL Games does not plan to release any item or service that allows you to change the race of an existing character because they believe it will be more fun to level from the beginning. However, there have been rumors of Trion going to sell an item that will allow bound items to be unbound, so maybe that will come in handy for those who might want to move their character’s items over to another.

PvE/pvp updates

A new world boss (possibly a dragon) will come out in this update.

A new type of skills, called Abyssal Skills, will be added to enhance combat.

A new type of naval battle will be added, along with new ship components… And possibly new ships? (For the next content update after the Thunderwing Titan/Reedwind update).

Auto-roll on drops will be added (finally!)

There is a possibility of cross-server arenas, so that’s something to look forward to!

There are going to be a number of siege changes, although it’s not very clear what they are.

What else?

Currently, I cannot find any information on what other things may come out or change in the 3.0 update, but keep looking at my blog so you can stay updated on what might be happening!

You can also find more information and pictures about the conference that this information was found from here.


3 thoughts on “[Archeage 3.0] – New Races and PvE/PvP Changes?

  1. Jayden Moosa says:

    Why only make the new races with special abilities? They should give Nuians, elves etc new things too. its ONLY fair, as the game will become ‘unbalanced’ again. smh


    • archeagepercy says:

      I read about each race having a special 5 minute passive (not like the transformations for Warborn/Dwarf) such as Harani being able to increase cannon damage and Elves having a 10% increase for the HP of nearby friendly mounts and battle pets. I forgot the Nuian one, but I’ll find it later.

      I’ll add that you are not able to use any pots during the time in transformation and you can ONLY use the transformation skills (no skilltree skills, glider, etc).


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