[ArcheAge 3.5] – What Posts Do You Want To See?

I’ve been pushing out posts about 3.5 the last few days, but I’m curious: What things specifically would you guys want to know?

I, and some others, will be working on translating the Korean patch notes.

Comment below, and I’ll try to group some suggestions into several posts πŸ™‚ (Note that there are bound to be inaccuracies from interpretation, so please do not use this blog as the primary source for information, until I post stuff that’s on our PTS/live version.)

Questions on other posts I’ll try to ASAP.

I have done a rough translation of the patch notes, available here.


84 thoughts on “[ArcheAge 3.5] – What Posts Do You Want To See?

  1. Sturmeko says:

    It would be nice too see how erenor gear is getting stats. Is cloth with strength, plate with spirit possible? If erenor getting random stats like cloaks what is table of possible stats?
    Same for weapons, in screenshots I’ve seen they have only attack values and some Korean text. Would be interesting to see table of possible stats they can get.


  2. Zin says:

    I would like to know about the upgrading of eranor gear, does it follow the traditional regrading path or is there some different variation? Would also love to know that costs of upgrading eranor to say epic or legendary. thanks πŸ™‚


    • Tobi says:

      Upgrading erenor gear is like upgrading your cloak or costume. Instead of drops (synthium stones) you need to use weapons/armor at the same grade of your own item. So epic erenor weapon needs X amounts of epic dungeon/crafted/obsidian weapons to get it to legendary.


  3. Elendriss says:

    Same on erenor leveling and stats available. I know they are removing the lower crafted tiers, is there a level requirement for items u feed to an erenor item (aside from it having to be the same grade). Does it have to be the same type of item? Like can I feed a bow to a sword or is it only swords to swords?


  4. Sergio says:

    Thanks a lot for what you do re this update. The information is very usefull. Please provide erenor leveling video – we need to know preceise, what kind of weapons/armour can be used for levelling, f.e. can 40 lvl weapons be used or not?
    Thank you!


  5. Blackbeard says:

    Also would be nice to see how the exp for ereanor is calculated or whats the range – is it connected with gearscore ?

    Stats on ereanor weapons / armors.

    Can delphinad.epherium etc items be sealed and resealed like ayanads ?


    • Percy says:

      I’m not the best with videos (and editing them takes up time in my tight schedule >w<), but if I do find time, I’ll try to share information via video πŸ™‚


  6. Grimer says:

    I saw People selling lord coin in korean auction hause
    My question, is this happen with 3.5 uptade or they can sell before the uptade too?
    With 3.5 uptade need huge lord coin so any new way to get lord coin or just guild leader?


  7. Kham says:

    it seems that some weapon boss like Cold Anguish or Kraken scepter will have “upgradable version” in this patch

    could u see something like that ?


  8. Windmere says:

    Definitely interested in how many Eranor items it will take of the same grade to actually upgrade the item. Like from grand – rare etc.

    Also, what is the difference in stats and gear score on a grand Eranor piece from that of a divine Ayanad piece? I assume when making the Eranor piece, the stats won’t downgrade, but if grand Eranor is as good as Divine Ayanad, that will make it EXTREMELY powerful.

    Right now with the guild cloak we have the regular version then we are able to upgrade it to Delphinad and synthesize it to epic, then upgrade it to Ayanad and synthesize to Legendary. Will you be able to get an Eranor cloak and synthesize it to Mythic? It seems like that would make sense.

    Also, on one of the Archeage live streams, a developer or community manager (I can’t remember exactly who) mentioned that we will be able to synthesize our undergarments like cloaks and costumes. Do you have any information on that?

    Any changes to larders and their crafting materials? Royal Seeds in particular? Most people are annoyed that they need to farm singles to make larders and it’s difficult for people with carpel tunnel to do so.

    Sorry for the long post, just trying to give you some ideas and get some answers on this stuff that a few people in my guild are curious about.


    • Percy says:

      The number of items needed to level Erenor gear have not been disclosed publicly. Whenever they do get published, I’ll try to update this site ASAP with it.

      Grand Erenor Sword: 472.1 Melee Attack. (571 Gear Score)
      Divine Ayanad Sword: 555.8 Melee Attack. (744 Gear Score)

      Divine Ayanad is ~15% increase in stats from an Grand Erenor sword. Divine Ayanad is ~23% higher gear score than a Grand Erenor Sword.

      Yes, you can upgrade your Ayanad cloak to mythic.

      Undergarment synthesizing has been out for a while on KR. Need to look for stuff on it though.

      Larder recipe has not changed.


  9. Barondekill says:

    I would really like to know what weapons/armor that you can feed to eranor weapon. Staff for staff etc. Cloth chest for cloth chest? Thanks in advance.


  10. Focslain says:

    Like to get more info on the erenor upgrading, specifically if the gems stay when it goes up a grade. Also set bonuses and possible states to add to weapons/armour.

    Also can you find out how the ferries are protected? Might help in figuring ways to combat for and against them.


  11. Kaldar says:

    Can you get solid info about what will happen to the “follow” feature? And some specification about the Wolfgang car… it is coming in the 3.5 or first?


    • Percy says:

      The follow feature in KR was implemented mainly for the Fresh Start server there. (Follow feature is disabled on Korea fresh start.)
      However, on Korea legacy servers, there can only be a two-person hauler train. So you can only be running two haulers at a time. But if multiboxing is allowed in NA/EU, I doubt we’ll get it.

      The Wolfgang car release date for our version is unknown at the moment, as said on few of the Trion livestreams. If they follow the path Korea took and made it available for purchase, I believe it would do some stuff to the fresh start server (and they cannot really isolate the purchases from different servers within a region, so they’re going to wait until things stabilize on Fresh Start on our version).

      I’ll try to post a video of me test driving the Wolfgang car in KR, whenever I have the time to.

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    • Percy says:

      It requires materials obtainable by Daily Quests in Whalesong and Candlestick Strait.

      The materials given in quests are like shards or scraps, and you must combine 200 of them to make one.

      You need 1 complete Whalesong material, 1 complete Candlestick Strait material, and 50 Dragon Essence stabilizers. (I didn’t know what to call the materials, so I put where you get it from).

      Candlestick Strait dailies give 1 scrap/shard… And although there are 4 quests in the database that state you can get 5 shards from each, you can only do one of them, and that is dependent on the nation you are in (East/West/Pirate/Player Nation).

      Whalesong has similar dailies, but they only have the quest where you obtain 5 scraps from.

      The bosses and mobs to kill for these quests are of the Successor levels, so they are tougher to beat than level 55 mobs/bosses.


      • Vax says:

        So if I’m reading that right – you are looking at a max of 5 scraps per day from each zone. So 40 days for a pattern that I’m guessing is untradeable? Or are the scraps/pattern tradeable like Ayanad patterns?


        • Percy says:

          The scraps, combined item and the scroll itself do not say if they are bound on pickup, but I’m not sure if they truly are because I do not see any on the auction house at the moment. Or maybe they’re similar to how Lord’s Coins can only be traded and not sellable on the AH?

          This is all speculation. If I do see any that pop up on the AH I’ll post about it.


  12. Evyoung says:

    As I heard, there are some changes at boss loot weapons, like vyrava’s scepter could combine with jola’s shield to be a staff, which is equivalent to T6 staff, I would like to know about these changes.


  13. zazx says:

    is erenor tradeable like ayanad or bound like obsidian ?
    2.how much day we need for 1 erenor scrool?
    3.how much divine synt. item we need for epic divine-epic erenor?
    4.what is stats erenor armor? same ayanad ?(flame,lake,desert,lighting)
    5.only mthic and primordial items have extra slot ?


    • Percy says:

      Erenor is tradable, except the cloaks.
      The number of days it takes depends, but if you do your dailies, it’ll take 30-40 days to get materials from the zones needed.
      Not sure about the Synthesis quantity yet, I’d have to look into the game files for that, but not sure where to look. I could look on videos, but none have been published yet.
      You can pick 3 stats from different categories on Erenor. I’ll post them later.
      I know Mythic has an extra slot, can’t remember about Primordial.


      • zazx says:

        thank you very much for answers.mytic chest have 8 slot.primordial chest have 9slot.

        you think? which item give more point if it synthesis gear.ayanad or obsi?.obsi regrade will be harder.but now ayanad is expensive.if obsi synthesis give more point for erenor regrade,ayanads will be more cheaper.it is important for my gold balance :))


        • Percy says:

          I want to know the same thing, how much EXP is given to Erenor items when you feed it equipment during synthesis, but I do not know information like that 😦

          Hopefully, some Korean player will show a video of themselves leveling an Erenor gear, so we can speculate what we can get.


  14. Vax says:

    I believe you answered before that the new Erenor cloaks only go to Mythic – which would make sense since the prior tier (Ayanad) capped at Legendary.

    Any visibility into costumes? Do those still cap out at Mythic as well or is there a Primordial grade option? One way to check might be to look at the tooltip of the Radiant Synth Stones and see if they include Primordial or not (or did they add a new one).


      • Elendriss says:

        I more meant, they are taking the salvage forges away which is the main thing that machining is used for currently. are they adding new recipes for it? In your translated patch notes, it looks like a few skills are moving to a “special” category. Is there some significance to that?


        • Percy says:

          The Special category is associated with vocations that are not related to Farming or Production (which is like Artistry, Larceny etc). They just renamed a category in the vocation/proficiency list.

          Doesn’t look like they added any recipes to Machining.


  15. Nico says:

    Mostly I want to know a bit more about crafting and regrading.
    I’m wondering if you can also regrade Erenor items, or if you are forced to use this synthesis style regrading. Also how does crafting illustrious, magnificent, epherium etc. really work in 3.5? Can you just upgrade the sealed illustrious to magnificent for instance or do you have to unseal it first? Also the grades of the sealed crafting items are odd to me, if it is possible to just keep upgrading sealed crafted items, does that mean once you get to ayanad, you don’t have to regrade it to use it for crafting erenor gear(since it will be divine according to your erenor crafting pics)? Also this thing about picking your prefix when you unseal a crafted item, does this work for all the tiers or just for ayanad?
    Also is there any change to obtaining Blazing materials and do they have the same recipes as 3.0? And then lastly will there be an epic anchoring emblem?
    Thanks for your hard work btw :), cheers


    • Nico says:

      oh and i forgot one thing :/ is there an erenor weapon with similar stats to obsidian katana, meaning a hybrid between melee attack and magic attack?


  16. Alexandru Axinte says:

    would be nice to see how many items we need in order to upgrade each tier of erenor (points wise for each higher regrade and how much does each weapon/armor/accesory give). and if the lvl of those items or the tier on them (crafting/obsidian) matters to add more points. πŸ™‚


  17. Ainz says:

    I have some questions, if you answer I will be very happy.

    Percy, there were some rumors about XLGAMES will change the ” Growling Yawl ( black pearl ) ship’s appearance and improve the same stats of the ship “. So, will XLGAMES do such a thing in future updates ?
    Percy, would you share more information about this promised new naval arena content with new type of ship which was supposed to be released in 3.0 patch ? But I cannot find any info about it no where, so xlgames delayed that for a future time too ?
    Percy, in 3.5 patch, can we hunt whales to make gold as a new type of fishing option in tbe sea ?
    Percy, would you talk with korean players who play healer if they are happy with healing changes or not; and how this new patch affected the survival rate of healers in pvp etc. ?

    Would you tell us more info about healers please ? The most of things we see is huge nerfs in skills, combo healings, and healing amount with less effective healing skill attribute skills; comparing to other skill trees’ skill attributes.
    Percy, how much will a weapon or an armor of eranor cost at least to make to divine or epic version, would you make a guess in gold amount please ?
    Percy, how much gold do the korean players want for new regrade level (Primordial) of ship parts in their AH ?
    To use obsidian gear still worth in 3.5 patch too ? Or eranor gear overwhelm obsidian gear so much after its +divine regrade versions ?
    Percy, please would you make video tutorials to show us 3.5 patch visually with voice or typing comment way in the videos please ? Noone or very rare players makes videos in english to show these 3.5 features.

    Thank you.


    • Percy says:

      1) Haven’t read anything about the Growling Yawl.
      2) Naval Arena should be arriving. The 3.0 website teased the new zone, and maybe comes out in a 3.X update?
      3) There are no whales to hunt in 3.5, sorry!
      4) Would take a bit of effort as I don’t really know Korean. If there happens to be more information shared about healers, I will post it (maybe in another post?).
      5) I can’t say, as I don’t know how many pieces of equipment are needed at each grade for the weapon. If I just knew that, I would calculate the cost of them.
      6) I don’t see any Primordial ship components in the KR auction house as of right now.
      7) If you’re a hybrid class that utilizes melee/magic damage or melee/healing, then you may want to stick with Obsidian since crafted gear usually will not grant those kinds of bonuses unless they are on the correct weapon.
      Compared to T6 Divine Obsidian Sword, Erenor at Divine has 144 more Melee Attack, although it will be much more costly to make Erenor. Divine Erenor Sword compared to T7 Divine Obsidian Sword, there’s an 83 Melee Attack difference.
      Since it seems you’re concerned with healer classes, Divine Erenor Club compared to Epic T6 Obsidian club, Erenor is 109 healing power more.
      8) I can do most of the crafting aspects πŸ˜€ Not high enough level yet to explore the new zones πŸ™‚


      • Ainz says:

        I have more questions to you Percy Sunbae^^

        1) Let’s say we reached to divine regrade level in eranor; so to further from divine to epic what tier and what regrade level items do we need to upgrade divine eranor to epic eranor ?

        2) At this thread, we are making a new discussion recently at 8th page of http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?312013-%93-ARCHEAGE-3.5-PREVIEW-OF-SKILLS-WITH-ATTRIBUTES%94-for-Healers-Vitalism-amp-Songcraft-What-is-your-opinions/page8 which some people say that we can wear leather eranor armors with spirit or spirit+stamina stat versions, they say there will be life version of leather and plate too. Are these true ?

        3) And do we have any info what will the 7set bonus of eranor gears ?

        4) Each pieces of eranor items will have their own passives like obsidian ?

        5) And 3.5, to regrade an obsidian item with world boss drops will be harder than crafted items ?

        6) Can we upgrade anthalon armors, glenn and meina or even the drops from crimson and grimhast rift armors into ayanad versions ( like kraken, rangora and other items ) ?

        7) Once we upgrade these kraken, rangora etc world boss items at 3.5 patch, their new versions will be equal to which tier ? And is it worth to upgrade these items too ?

        When will you bring your UCC blog side again ? I still cannot access it in your website. I am having difficulties how to design my ucc screenshots to fit on trade boxes on our merchant or empty mask which we can put our ucc pictures on it. I want to make ainz anime character’s and sauron’s face ucc parts into these emtyp masks in the game to remodel my head items.

        Thank you again.


  18. aaakame says:

    Hello Percy, I was wondering if the new car has been released in KR and if it has what is the crafting recipe of the new car?
    Thank you for all that you do πŸ˜€


  19. King says:

    Hey !
    I’m currently working on a better bow (obsi divine t5 atm) to either an epic obs or a divine ayanad.
    As an archer, is this erenor bow worth spending my gold and time to upgrade ? Do you have any sources which display some erenor bow stats ?


  20. Elendriss says:

    oh, what about the successor levels Percy? Do u need any special requirements to lvl them (like how u need abyssal crystals, gilda, warrior medals for abyssal skills). Is there a quest to unlock them?


  21. Eudojr says:

    Hey Percy, I wonder if you like to organice/promote player events made for our server(nazar) .
    I tried to convince people for a car race moving a pack from one place to another with prices for the 1st 2nd and 3rd place; but I had no luck.
    Send me a pm if you are interested.


  22. Windmere says:

    A few of my guild members are interested in a few changes made to commerce.
    There are rumors that Charcoal is going to be obtained differently. Instead of going over seas to get charcoal, you will be able to obtain it through land trade routes. There is also a rumor that you will only be able to obtain charcoal when a zone goes into war. Can you clarify some of this confusion please?
    How is charcoal going to be obtained (oversea or land or both)?

    How is Dragon Essence going to be obtained (still freedich? Will there be a time restriction on when you can do it such as the current freedich gold trader)?

    Will there be limits to when you can obtain them (such as a zone needing to be at war etc.)?

    There’s been a lot of talk about “oversea trade runs being more lucrative”. How are they going to be more lucrative? What are oversea trade runs going to yield? Resources? Gold? Gilda? A choice of the three?

    Sorry for all the questions, any information on it would be greatly appreciated.


  23. Kaldar says:

    Hey Percy, idk if you gonna have some info about that… but maybe you can look for us… its a long time since i last heard about Jake Song… is he still working on Archeage? he has other projects? is he motivated about the way archeage is “developing”, since its so many years with so much unreleased stuff… I feel like we are far from many “Lineage 2” elements, that many of us wanted in the game… if you got something new (2015~2017) about Jake Song ill be so happy to read about.


  24. Guy says:

    Would really like to see what it is costing KR in gold to upgrade ayanads and take them to celestial erenor. It will be interesting because NA should get substantially reduced requirements comparatively.


  25. PreppyAA says:

    Heyho. I’ve two little questions:

    To craft a erenor-weapon you need a sealed… “what”.. everbody or most of people say its a sealed ayanad weapon. so my question is: “is it realy a sealed ayanad?”. i just would like to have a sure confirmation. i assume that you need a sealed-sword if yo craft a sword, a sealed greataxe if you craft erenor greataxe, and so on.
    -will it be possible to craft-back divine ayanad weapons back to the sealed status?
    ->if yes: what does it cost (materials)?

    second question about the materials for the new rift
    (from the patchnotes:
    “Added crafting recipes for the Ipnya Scroll, an item used in the making of Erenor gear.
    The crafting materials come from Whalesong, Candlestick Strait. And you need Dragon Essence stabilizers.”

    how hard is it to do the rift? how hard is it to get the materials .. .
    what will be the estimated price on them..

    best regards

    and thx a lot for the news you deliever


    • Percy says:

      Yes, you need a Divine Sealed Ayanad for your Erenor weapon. And yes, you need the same type of Ayanad weapon for the Erenor weapon as you mentioned.

      1) I’m assuming you want to revert the Erenor back to Ayanad. That’s not possible.

      2) The crafting materials come from mobs and the rift. I do not know how hard the rift is because I’m not geared enough or high level enough to do it, nor have I seen any Korean guide on how hard it is. I heard the drop rate from mobs is low though…

      As for the combined piece for the Scrolls, the green blob thing goes for around 2.5k and the armor thing goes for 7.5k. Ouch. (they are the items you get from combining 200 shards/fragments of them)


      • PreppyAA says:


        thx a lot for the quick answer..

        to the 1st question.. i heard rumors that you can craft back a normal divine ayanad weapon. for example.. you have a divine ayanad flame greatsword. now you want to go to craft erenor. can you back”seal” or backcraft or the divine ayanad flame greatsword to a “sealed ayanad greatsword”.. or is that not possible? i hope its understandable.

        like you can craft a unsealed weapon back to sealed so that you can use it for erenor.
        or is it like the only way is to craft a divine procc to a sealed ayanad.

        if i just ask that i think then people would use that system evt to get the procc they want..


        • Percy says:

          Ahh ok.

          Yes, you can reseal a divine. It’s not a crafting method or anything. Use use an item on the divine ayanad to make it a sealed ayanad.

          It will allow people to get the proc they want, if our version implements that feature.


  26. GuguMacCraft says:


    what i’ve read out of your posts it will be possible to choose which procc you want if you unseal or craft up a weapon?.. So my question is.. can i craft a delphinad weapon like for example a sword? and then when i open it i can choose that i want a summersword? (craftable to ayanad).
    the question is based on getting a sealed divine ayanad. it would be a easy way to craft a delphinad, choose the procc to ayanad and then (thats the hardest part) get it to divine.

    the second question i have are rumors i’ve heard about the attack speed. ive heard stuff that there will be changes in the difference of the attack speed about 2-handed and dual weapons?
    i dont know what are the changes. if its in the buff or weapons.. but i’ve heard that there will be differences… betweed 2-h and 1-h..

    best regards


  27. Berrymember says:

    is in korea allready a “meta” with which items people are leveling up they’re erenors?
    i mean do they craft obsi t1 or illustrious weapons..? do they run dungeons to get armor or weapons to level up erenor?.. what are most people doing?

    what is changing in crafting obsidian in 3.5?
    when the manawisps are gone… how many archeum does a t1 obsidian and the rest cost?
    what has changed in the materials?


  28. Bucket says:

    What are the restraints on what can be used to level weaponry/erenor gear.

    Could you specify if genre of armor matters (Plate into Cloth) and weapons too.

    Sword into sword only? or any 1H into sword? Can shield go into sword? Bows? Lutes?

    Mainly if it uses a weapon regrade scroll to regrade, can I put it into my weapon?


  29. Revelator says:


    Can you estimate how this update will impact the value of Celestial / Divine Ayanad weapons? My friends and I are concerned are current weapons will be greatly de-valued with this update, as it seems to make Divine Ayanad weapons much easier to obtain. Do you recommend selling our current Divine Ayanads? Thank you so much for this excellent blog.


  30. Alex says:

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  31. Alex says:

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